Where is My Fatigue Coming From?

Good Morning!

How are you feeling today? Is your energy and focus on point this weekend or are you exhausted from a draining week?

We feel fatigue from a number of different of possible causes however the problem with fatigue and a drop in our focus and concentration is that it gets in the way of the energy required to fix it! Somewhere in there though, lies the solution. To cut the sleepy cycle with some action.

Let's first investigate where this drop in energy and swing away from focus is coming from.


When something is not going so well in our personal lives, the drain on your energy is somewhat immediate - especially if you are trying to ignore or put these feelings aside. The energy drain there is quite palpable. It's amazing what happens to our energy once we allow the free flow of our emotions vs trying to hold them back. Its also incredible what happens to our focus and concentration when we have released the emotional plug and can get back into the work at hand. Emotional fatigue is not always adrenal fatigue - however the level of stress output we chemically engage in during emotional fatigue can impact on our adrenal hormones quite profoundly. This type of fatigue is best remedied by a commitment to 'drop resisting it and go with it'.


Nutrition is usually the first place we look at when we are looking for reasons why our bodies are slowing down and not performing. Quite easy to remedy when identified, the main nutritional reasons why we can fall into fatigue and a lack of focus include but not limited to:

Iron deficiencies
Zinc deficiencies
B Vitamin deficiencies
Magnesium deficiencies
Poor hydration
Poor gluten metabolism
Fluctuations in blood glucose
Excess of alcohol and sugar
Sluggish digestive absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins

Not everyone will be affected the same way with these kinds of fatigue faux pas but it is a good place to check in on across the usual lifestyle of a tired person. When in doubt, check this out - but if its fine, check the emotional line too.


In our approach to supporting someone who is fatigued consistently, we mustn't over look the impact of past viral infections. Viruses have a particularly effective way of creating an ongoing level of low grade fatigue where the body just never feels like it is the same as before the virus hits. Addressing post viral fatigue syndrome is important soon after the initial symptoms have passed. To leave it longer than 6 months is to elongate the overall recovery to almost as good as before. Herbal medicine, Co Enzyme Q10, medicinal mushrooms and rest are optimal here.


Social fatigue covers everything from partying too hard too often, to being over crowds and constant flow of visitors to just simply needing 'own space' to ground and come back to yourself in.
Like our friend here in the picture, sometimes we just need to hibernate.

Enjoy your time and take care of the many areas that fatigue can spring from...

What Is The Easter Bunny Bringing You?

Good morning and welcome to the last weekend in March, inching closer to another annual milestone - Easter.

We have those blocks of holidays and breaks that herald adventure, celebration and a variety of changes in food and alcohol intake, that also potentially set us up for a constant year in, year out cycle of poor eating habits.

The Easter time is particularly fraught with danger as it is the first celebration after Christmas and New Year that we mark in the calendar of things to do for fun, in the name of letting the hair down. Come the March/April time of year, we have endured the first quarter of the year, and its about now the that the new year shine is well and truly worn off, making way for our stress management defaults to take over.


The regular pattern you employ on your usual week of work, that helps you cope with the events of your life, will set you up for either a great deal of stamina and endurance (physical, mental and emotional) for the year, or rob you of it.

If you employ any of the following stress management defaults and are less than satisfied with your level of calm and vitality, it may be time to set a new default:

Drinking coffee in search for energy - coffee will not supply true energy, in fact it can often rob you of solid grounded energy used to make great decisions

Consuming alcohol for the purposes of relaxation and relieving tension from the working week - there are many other more healthy ways to achieve this. I recommend you limit your intake if you are particularly stressed and instead, bring in more exercise to combat tension

Sitting in front of a screen and dumbing down when you haven't incorporated any exercise that day at all - sitting is inflammatory - so is depression and anxiety so it is not surprise to see that exercise can relieve the two conditions

Tolerating poor sleep patterns and low energy as your new 'normal' - neither of these phenomenon are acceptable healthy practices to adapt to - maybe its time to do put into place a 'Better Sleep/More Energy' program for a few weeks to help hit the reset button!


We have an opportunity to moderate or blow out at this time of the year - so this year what is the Easter Bunny bringing you?

For those of us who don't have a handle on our sugar cravings, this is a tricky time of the year - where sugar intake is particularly high. As we age, our bodies don't get any more efficient at processing insulin in response to glucose as it enters the blood stream after ingestion. Couple that with unchecked alcohol consumption and there is a recipe for ongoing inflammatory disease process, energy swings and cranky pants.

When you don't give yourself the gift of alcohol free days and regular exercise at this time of the year, by the time it takes to get back to work, your body is already spent. In stark contrast to the rest and rejuvenation on offer with a long weekend, public holiday, Easter getaway - this can often leave us heading into the next quarter of the year (where the financial year concludes and the end of year rush that requires you to be on your game takes its toll) in a state of foggy grumpiness.

Who wants any of that? I certainly don't.


Here are my top Easter Survival Tips for 2018:

1. Make sure you factor some lazy rest days in that are not only due to recovery from the night before - a morning walk, healthy breakfast followed by a lay down or book reading session is a great way to reset the adrenal glands from the stress response - especially if your legs are elevated!

2. Moderate your alcohol intake and drink water between each beverage - I often suggest using the herbal formulas for liver support along with a good probiotic to help keep things from detoxifying poorly.

3. Keep active and do something recreational - Easter is a great time of year to bush walk, paddle something, cycle or play beach and park ball games. This incidental exercise is fantastic way to regenerate your youthfulness

4. Factor in some meditation - especially if you are in an outdoor setting near the beach or bush. This break could be a great opportunity to kick off a great meditation habit by committing to sitting in stillness for 30 minutes each day.

Remember - this time of the year is a gateway to how you will coast through the rest of the year - whilst it is a wonderful time to party and play, you could also choose it to be a mini retreat opportunity too. Happy Easter and stay Safe!

Are You Arresting an Allergy or Silencing a Sensitivity?

Good Morning

This piece comes following some recently released research on things that make us go itch, bloat and blart!

Determining whether or not you are allergic or just sensitive to an environmental factor or food item comes down to what part of your immune system is triggered and how fast and furious that trigger is in its response.

Many often use the word "allergic"loosely when the correct description is intolerance or sensitive. The danger here is that an avoidance of a food you are sensitive to vs allergic to can create a gradual nutrient loss and leave unchecked the possibility that something else is contributing to the problem from an inflammatory perspective. A sensitivity often engages the immunoglobulins IgG and IgA whereas an allergy calls up IgE and is commonly a rapid onset and intense presentation of symptoms - sometimes life threatening. If you are avoiding foods and substances that you know you are allergic to (and believe me you will know) - then that is highly recommended.

If however, you experience sensitivities to a variety of foods and this is transient or semi permanent - or non life threatening - then the opportunity to turn this around and return to enjoying those foods is still possible. Sensitivities and intolerances always creep up on us but will become a potential issue when other factors are also in play - such as a viral infection. Even some popular dietary fads are being reviewed for the efficacy and potential harm when avoiding foods unnecessarily.

For example, in a recent study on self diagnosed gluten sensitive patients in the trial, only 16% of those patients were reproducing the signs and symptoms of their sensitivity as reported before the trial started, when they were introduced to gluten during the trial. Only 1% of the population are Coeliac and therefore should avoid all gluten in their diet.

Whilst we are on the topic of gluten, the foods that are rich in gluten may also contain some important nutrients that your gut microbiota use to fuel themselves to make butyrate - an important food for immune sustaining cells. By avoiding unnecessarily all gluten rich foods - especially the cooked grains like oats and barley - you potentially rob yourself of vital nutrients. It is important to know exactly what it is you are sensitive to and work towards desensitization for a broader acceptance by your digestive system. Gluten is not digested well by the body in any of us and it does contribute to creating gut permeability - but so does alcohol intake, stress, medications, inflammation, viruses and many other factors.

Having an awareness of the down to earth reality of whether or not this or that food fits well with you also takes and understanding of the following"

Is the food organic or genetically modified?
Is the food well preserved, stored or potentially bacteria compromised?
Am I also under a lot of stress or have been unwell, exposed to a toxin or feeling less 'powerful' in my digestive system?
Could the food contain a number of possible sensitive factors such as histamine stimulating chemicals, proteins or undigested carbohydrates?
Will I be able to test successfully to find out exactly what I am reacting to so I can get more focused on the foods to include or avoid? (the answer to this one is yes you can)
Could I be influenced by fad diets, media or close friends who are also having some issues that may sound like mine?

These are important factors to keep in mind when considering an elimination and reintroduction of foods. The rotation out and then back in of some foods need to be done under supervision and with accurate recording so that a successful desensitization program can be implemented - and get you back on the way with enjoying those foods that recently may have caused you some havoc!

Bon Appetit!

When You’re Under Par and Under Pressure To Perform

Good morning and welcome to a gloomy and oppressive humid day on the Gold Coast.


The recent spate of thick and heavy weather patterns that have bought steamy days and nights, have also delivered restless sleep, sluggish movement and a derangement in vitality. Some patients in my clinic have reported challenges in staying in top of health routines, falling prey to the drop in energy experienced by heat exhaustion and more recently an upsurge in viral infections.

Keeping cool, calm and collected has been a challenge for some whilst others seem to Coast through the heady heat to continue thriving in their usual way. So what is it with those people who are making the most of this time of year?


Trying to perform at your usual output when you are feeling less than vital, is a common trap we sometimes fall into. Pushing past our current state of energy and zip is a recipe for long term exhaustion and leaves us open to succumbing to infections that are doing the rounds.

If you notice your usual sparky self is a little dull after an event, a heavy week of emotional upheaval, decision making or travel - you owe it to yourself to take some rest on your down days. This may mean rethinking your social calendar to allow for an extra hour totally devoted to taking it easy.

Strike off unnecessary jobs, delay renovations, shorten up party attendances and make a date with your mattress so you can achieve deep rest and rejuvenation. Resisting the urge to push yourself will take energy, holding back that desire to clean up, organise or attend to another untouched project during this precious hour granted for rest will challenge you. However, I implore you to heed your body's needs, and it will repay you handsomely later with a new wave of energy and vigour. If it didn't - you need more rest.


Due to the environmental factors out of our control ie the weather, if your sleep is suffering (and this is applicable to menopausal women experiencing night flushing), aim to carve out rest for the following day. Although you may not be sleeping to catch up on lost hours, resting can still serve to reset your system for a few more hours, buying you time for those held off activities.

Closing your eyes, following your in and out breath, permitting your mind to aimlessly wander vs focusing on definitive tasks will allow you to push the reset button and get on with things again.

Remember - if you are the kind of personality that likes to set yourself challenges, this is the mother of all challenges to you. Take it on with the usual gusto and determination you apply to all your other tasks, and excel...I dare you!

Digestive Comfort For Days

Good morning!

It is the calm before the cyclonic storm as Gita starts to bear down on the Gold Coast. Whilst the ocean and the weather in general appear to be unsettled and unstable, this can be the perfect time to reflect on the status of our digestive systems. Its a topic that few of us discuss openly but most of us are all too aware of the uncomfortable rumblings of a digestive storm going on inside our bodies.

Common Culprits

Of the most common causes of gut symptoms such as bloating, cramping, constipation or irregular toilet habits the one that we are most in control of is the pace at which we eat our food. Due to the requirements of enzymes and acids produced by your stomach pouch, your digestive system needs time to move portions of food from the oesophagus to your stomach and from your stomach to your small intestine (where the magic of nutrient absorption really happens).

Swallowing your food in chunks vs semi fluid portions aided by adequate chewing and not drinking fluids, is the key. We are always in a rush to move from one mouthful to another, to chew the food and the fat with heated discussions and mind boggling thoughts - when all our tummies need is a little time out and a focused attempt on mindful eating.

Other Offenders

Eating slowly is the first thing we can take care of when aiming for digestive comfort that lasts a lifetime, here are some others that you may be caught up practicing and that you may need a break from if you are constantly getting digestive symptoms that feel other than comfortable:

1. Flooding our mouths with fluids whilst or just after we swallow - this can dilute the enzyme output and therefore the chemical breakdown of wholefoods into nutrients.
2. Eating a combination of foods that don't work well together - for example starchy carbohydrates and proteins (potato and meat), dried fruits and nuts, melon fruits and fatty foods
3. Starting a meal in a heated manner - if you are angry, sad or otherwise upset - don't eat. It is time to calm down, reset and eat small body friendly foods that are easy to digest.
4. Putting up with constant constipation or diarrhoea, pain or low grade nausea - these are signs you are settling for a less than optimal digestive function which can have far reaching affects on your entire health
5. Serving portions that are too big for your body to digest - reduce your portion sizes by 20%, eat with chopsticks or blindfold yourself and see how much food your body really needs to eat.

Remember - all disease starts in the gut - this is the core tenet of Natural Medicine and modern medical research has finally caught up.
For personalised digestive coaching, please contact us by reply to this email. Have a beautiful day

Become Your Own Commentator

Good morning all

I was having a very deep and intelligent conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about the job positions we have held, the training we have done and the work experiences that have formulated our current careers and passions.

During the course of the conversation my friend revealed that one of the courses undertaken was a driving commentary education. This is where during the drive - much like learning how to drive without the dual controls, the instructor is monitoring how you commentate on everything that happens on the road around you, your actions within the car and anything else you notice about your drive.

By speaking out to yourself about your actions and observations it raises your awareness to the decisions you make on the road.

It came to me that this is much like the effect I am aiming for when I recommend to my patients to record their food and beverage intake.

Two Fold Benefit

It has a two fold benefit. One is that I get to see patterns in lifestyle choices that are likely to contribute to body reactions and health outcomes.

Secondarily it has a deeper message to the scribe - to be more mindful of the choices you make in eating and drinking, sleeping and exercising.

If you are at a loss at the expense of your subconscious habits, write down, voice record or video log everything you eat, drink, your sleep patterns, your daily routine and your exercise choices as well as the decisions you are making about doing those things.

Health commentary can be very useful as a self correcting tool and it just takes 24 hours of recording to highlight your chosen habits.

It’s just a small piece of time for a great start on your health journey.

If you would like for me to critique your recording for health advice, reply to this blog mail and we can dissect it together for a focused outcome for you!

Are You Addicted Yet?

Good wet weekend to you all!

Well month one of 2018 is behind us and let me say this has been a roller coaster for yours truly. One particular moment in the month that has been poignant is the realisation of my own mortality following the passing of two lovely girlfriends - under differing circumstances.

One of these circumstances tragically involved a lethal addiction to alcohol which highlighted to me the relationship we build as adults to substances vs experiences to get us through the harsh reality of our sometimes difficult lives.

Substance Addiction is a Trap

There is no doubt about that. The direct hit on our brains that most substances achieve; to soothe a troubled mind, is potent and fast. Its no wonder we get attached to the feel good sensation of numbing out when things get tough.

For some this addicted brain is a genetic hand me down - for others its a starting point. For all of us - its a choice. Some will say they have no choice - it takes over before they know it and are at a loss at how to arrest it. Many more, however, will deny there is an underlying problem, and suffer along with their loved ones through the denial and further into destruction.

Common Thread

The common thread though amongst all substance addicted sufferers is an ever growing depletion of vital nutrients that feed a healthy brain so it can make healthy chemistry to support healthy choices on whether or not to go for the easy way through, or grow into a more life sustaining habit.

So are you addicted yet? To being the healthier version of yourself, or the substance supported version of yourself. To a freedom of choice or a restriction of decision making. To a vitality that only being substance free can give, or a sluggishness that addiction will offer? If you are living from one day to the next requiring something to pick you up, or slow you down - and it has no nutritional basis to supporting you - its time to review your health plan before you can't see life without it.

Fully Comprehensive Support Available

I am offering full nutritional and drug testing, repletion programs, Clinical EFT techniques and meditation sessions as a fully comprehensive approach to turning the addicted brain around. Whether it is sugar and caffeine, alcohol or cocaine, ICE or prescription medications - these techniques are well researched and have a strong foundation in life changing turn arounds. Let's talk about how we can support you and your family.


Vision Boards for Everyone - 29th April 2018

Tapping for Everyone - 27th May 2018
For further details go onto our Facebook page or check Eventbrite for tickets.

**See this link below for a great opportunity to increase your natural mood elevating endorphins and win free 6 months of Personal Training.

Is 2018 Your Year of Health or Procrastination?

Good morning and happy weekend!

I've had a lot of conversations with patients already this year and I see a theme forming which is a good sign. Many of our chats centre in on embarking on an early start to getting on top of niggling health problems that plagued their 2017 (or years before). It's almost like a line in the sand has been drawn between 2017 and 2018 and a decision to change is being firmed up.

I am a big fan of preventing disease vs reaction to disease and proactive health programs go a step closer to preventing an illness more than doing nothing at all ever will. Apathy is the enemy of proaction and for many, getting that out of the way is often the beginning of a successful health program.

Last year I trained under Dr Peta Stapleton in the psychological technique of Clinical EFT or Tapping. Tapping is a powerful and effective method of freeing oneself from emotional context - and in the health arena it has far reaching impact on habits, anxiety, self sabotage, pain, sport and school performance, obsessive patterns and so much more. Imagine if you had a gut problem but you were locked in emotionally to an eating habit that irritated your gut? Tapping can help to re-organise your brain to view the approach to eating you are taking differently, freeing you to make better choices and trusting your ability to stick to the new healthy habits. It is gentle and extremely effective when done correctly and well, and it is great for all ages including young children. Check out www.eftuniverse.com for some more information or call us for a session. I am also running an Exploring Tapping for Everyone and Anything workshop on 27th May 2018 if you would like to know more - check out our page on Facebook - Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies

If you want to make 2018 your healthiest year yet, here are my top 5 questions for you to answer honestly to start the journey back to your vitality where your body protects itself from disease:

1. How long have I been dealing with this issue so far? If its more than 12 months, its time to get a measured approach in line to turn it around or begin turning it around. Sometimes a health condition can take more than 12 months to complete the phases of healing.

2. Have I had the right people advise me on how to find solutions to my health problem and have they answered all my questions? It can be confusing trying to navigate through the best approach for your condition or state of health. Getting clear advise that includes a forward planning path to achieve greater levels of health 'next' is a good sign you are with the right practitioner who is actively taking your health seriously from a preventative perspective.

3. What have I tried so far and what worked/didn't work - and why? Ok a series of questions within one but it is important to know what has been tried before, how it helped or didn't and from there - what did you do next? This is where tapping can be helpful - unravelling the reasons behind falling off track and not getting back on - which is commonly the reason why things stopped working for you.

4. Am I battling a level of fatigue and lethargy that is under a 7/10 most days? If that is a yes, this rises to the top of attention levels when approaching your health. If your energy is consistently low, your immune system, detox system and digestive system will all be sluggish and puts your body in the arena of poor fight back capacity or poor disease surveillance capacity.

5. How many health sabotaging habits to I regularly have? Regularly relates to either daily or more than three times a week. By identifying your regular habits allow you to see them clearly and how they can be impeding your health - and more so which ones to target first for greater success impact.

Remember - the decision for a healthier 2018 rests with you alone, however you don't need to approach it alone. For more information on tapping and comprehensive or simple targeted health prevention please contact us at 07 55939145.


Good glorious morning to you!

We are on the home stretch for Christmas and gearing up for a fun start to the New Year and I know it’s been a hectic year to date for many.

This is a reminder to you to take a breather, ease into your days, keep well hydrated and fed and maintain a relaxed pace when you don’t need to be anywhere specific.

Keeping yourself ahead of the Christmas race is all about your breathing, your nutrition and your rest. If you can strategise to get that into a rhythm by minimising over commitments you will survive if not thrive through the silly season.

In light of this, I am opting for an at home Christmas and minimal travel which means I’ll be around for health support and plenty of rest on the menu. Your liver and digestive herbs are here to support your body through party time!

Im also holding a Vision Board workshop on 14th January which will make for a great Christmas Present (early bird is available till Christmas Day so get in early)! Gift vouchers can be arranged by post or email. This is a great activity to do with your friends, family, work team, teens and hens parties!

Heres is the link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/126797631299440/?ti=icl

My clinic days will be:

8th-16th December - away

18th - 22nd December - in clinic

28th-29th December - in clinic

4th-5th January - in clinic

8th, 9th, 12th January - in clinic

15th January onwards - usual clinic days

See you soon and have a great relaxing lead up to the big one!



Is Alcohol Keeping You Awake or Blacking You Out?

Good Saturday

What a stunning morning it is here on the Gold Coast.  How tragic would it be if you were battling the ''boohoos" from a big night out and couldn't face the light of day to enjoy it?  As humans we aren't all that smart when it comes to alcohol ingestion - we seem to forget that it hurt the last time we tied one on but will go back for another in the name of celebration or commiseration.  Alcohol is the only legal drug where one can get peer pressured when they choose not to drink it among their friends.  It affects parts of the brain that drives you memory, your speech, your motor skills and of course your liver as it processes the by-products of alcohol metabolism - which is actually the component that does most of the damage.

Although I am not a tee-totaller - I do enjoy a glass of the Tamburlaine Sauvignon Blanc with a meal and friends, I certainly do not drink every day and when I am in a lowered mood state.  It is then that alcohol will have more inflammatory affects as it mixes with stress hormones - not a good combination.  I am a big fan of regular AFD (alcohol free days) and in supporting your liver in processing alcohol with herbal medicine preparations (in tablet and not on an alcohol tincture) - even if you only have a little quantity.

You can't predict that this will happen every time you consume alcohol but as the night wears on after you stop drinking, your body may or may not handle the processing very well, and often (I find this happens to me) even after 1 glass of wine, your body could be waking or experiencing a light/flighty sleep in the wee hours of the morning due to drops in your blood sugar and dehydration from alcohol ingestion and processing.

Women tend to process  alcohol less effectively than men, and are more prone to black outs or complete memory lapses.  This is of course not a good sign and must be taken seriously as it can be an early indicator of brain damage or decline leading to more serious health concerns later on.

Of all the nutrients alcohol robs the body of, the B vitamins is the most affected - especially B1 (thiamine). Due to the loss of B Vitamins, processing of sleep hormones is often altered and although an alcohol fuelled sleep may see you dropping from consciousness to deep sleep initially, its the ability to stay asleep and enter REM sleep cycles that is hampered by a few drinks in some.  Circadian rhythm interruptions are common with alcohol ingestion and the Chinese medicine theories say the liver 'wakes up' between 1 and 3 am to process toxins - funnily enough a common time to wake from a ethanol induced sleep.

Alcohol can also block your breathing which is one of the reasons I suggest to sleep apnoea patients to seriously reconsider alcohol as part of their lifestyle.  They don't like me saying that, but it is a key factor in many sleep apnoea patient lifestyles.

Finally as alcohol acts as a diuretic and has to be excreted through your kidneys, a frequent bathroom stop may be required a few times to set the balance straight again.

My tip - if you are going to drink heavily over the festive season and into 2018 - support your brain and liver with herbs, B Vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.