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Email us at  to request an appointment, or to make an enquiry into our Corporate Wellness Programs and other services.  You can also call the clinic at 0438461178, or a message can be left for your call to be returned.

We are delighted to be offering you an opportunity to explore your health using a variety of modalities or tools with Nicky in her spacious and friendly clinic room, nestled in a quiet Tweed residential garden. You can choose your preferred modality, or let Nicky guide you following your first consultation. Here is an explanation of what the consultations include:


Naturopathic Consultation

Initial consultation - 75 minutes.  If your initial consultation is straight forward and is concluded within the hour, you will be charged at the hourly rate.

Follow up appointments are charged in 15 minute increments and are relative to your needs. When making your booking please let us know if you have a preference of time and that will be respected during your consultation. In most cases, your follow up appointment will be 30 minutes in duration.

Phone Follow Up – charged per 15 minutes for follow up patients only. There are no phone consultations available for patients who are new to the clinic or for conditions that are not a straight follow on from a recent appointment. Nicky can help determine if a phone appointment is an option for your concern.  Please email an enquiry for a phone consultation to

Initial Consultation – please complete a Case History Form (see link under this paragraph) and forward to or bring to your appointment.  If you have had any tests performed by your specialist or doctor, please also bring a copy of those with you for Nicky to refer to and copy for your files.

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If you are booked in for a Healthy Ageing Assessment, click on the link below and complete this questionnaire as well, quote the number 49155 when prompted to do so.  Bring along test results for Cholesterol, Vitamin D, Blood Glucose, hs CRP, Homocysteine and any other recent tests you may have had which will be added to your assessment to help us arrive at your closest biological age.

What Happens In a Consultation?

The first priority is to gather a detailed history of your health to date to ensure all safety and consideration for your well being is taken care of.  Before graduating all medical practitioners and Naturopaths take the Hippocratic Oath - First Do No Harm and Nicky takes that oath with due respect to her patients.  Details on your medications, current supplementation intake and other medical data is taken and carefully considered in light of contraindications to your Naturopathic program.

Blood pressure and pulse readings plus iris (iridology), tongue and nail diagnosis, urine analysis and specified test requests may be recommended or performed where necessary.  Saliva, urine, faecal and blood tests are requested predominantly through Health Scope Functional Pathology.

What is Functional Pathology?

Functional Pathology is a method of testing the fluids, by products or 'left overs' from your body's metabolic processes.  Whether it is testing how well your liver performs its daily  detoxification role to the balance of production of reproductive and stress hormones - this form of testing is very effective and in most cases, samples can be collected in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Most of these tests do not require a needle to gather a sample. See below for the range of testing available at our clinic.

A diet and supplemental program with handouts will be set then reviewed at a follow up consult in two to four weeks time.

Follow up consultation

Test results are discussed; your existing program is altered and set for further monitoring. Any required supplementation is reviewed and prescribed if and only where necessary. Readings are taken again where required. Referrals or suggestions on other modalities not performed by Nicky will be offered as a part of your journey towards better health and Nicky aligns herself with excellent practitioners in their own field.

7 Day Dietary and Exercise Review

Download the attached form to complete over a 7 day period (you can do this as many times as you like) and email to Nicky for review. Nicky will process your information and a program will be sent back to you detailing suggestions on where your diet and exercise program could be altered in favour of a better balance of health. If you have any specific health problems or are on medication, please note this in your email for Nicky to take into account. Payments are made by invoice to you and are processed prior to your program being forwarded.


Homeopathic Consultation

A homeopathic consultation differs from a naturopathic consultation in that time is taken by yourself to actually write your journey in your life and health to date, with some general prompting by our guidelines. The emphasis is not only on what you write, but how you write and the impact certain events in your life have had on you combined with your emotional and physical response to those. This information will lead Nicky to find a common theme that matches a constitutional profile and a family inherited trait profile, therefore leading to remedy selection and choice of potency and frequency of your prescription to bring your physical, mental and emotional health back into balance.  This is a uniquely tailored and personal approach to healing and is managed in the strictest confidentiality. Medical data is still considered important so any reports will be reviewed and included, as it will help strengthen the selection of your remedies from a physical standpoint.

Duration: - Initial consultation 75 minutes

Follow up appointments are charged in 15 minute increments and are relative to your needs. When making your booking please let us know if you have a preference of time and that will be respected during your consultation.

Phone Follow Ups – charged per 15 minutes for existing patients undergoing a recently (within the past 3 months) set program by Nicky.

Please feel free to download the guidelines on how to write your history and forward to Nicky by email. Nicky will set out your profile and call you directly to arrange for a clinic appointment.

Guideline Forms: For Yourself or For Your Children

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