Have You Ever Been Hangry?

Welcome to a weekend of unstable weather, unstable beach fronts, unstable oceans and probably a few unstable livers due to an enforcement of indoor activities for some!  Not me – I will be on duty this weekend helping the locals and visitors make wise and timely recreational choices on our beach.

Pity I can’t ghost you all from time to time…a ‘hangry’ version of you rearing a hungry head can really get in the way of a good choice in food, rest and stimulant use.  If you haven’t cottoned onto what I mean by ‘hangry’ – have an egg or protein generous breakfast and get back to reading this…you will think so much clearer!

We’ve all been there – prolong a meal or skip one long enough, and you become a clone of you, but nastier!  Its remanent of the Snickers ad – ‘You’re not yourself without a Snickers’ – meaning ‘You’re not yourself without a sustaining meal and soon!’  Before the Alf Stuart inside you snaps back at your loved ones, beat the ‘hangry’s’ with these few quick tips:

1.  Prepare for post alcohol hangry’s by planning a healthy glucose balancing, liver friendly breakfast – include a side of sprouts, rocket or salsa to alkalise after the acidifying effects of booze, kebabs and eggs!

2.  Make sure you have a snack to munch on between meals – especially if you look like pushing a lunch out late or a dinner into the post 8pm timeframes.  A few nuts, a boiled egg, sticks of carrot/celery or a tin of tuna may be all you need.  There are many other protein plenty and healthy options.

3.  Avoid snacking on sugar rich options – the ads aren’t always a good guideline on chasing away your grumpy hungry man/woman.  If you find you get edgy even after a fruit hit, you really do need to pay attention to your blood sugar levels and insulin management.

4.  Drink adequate amounts of water – the two things the brain really needs when it is low on fuel is sustainable glucose, and hydration/oxygen in the form of water.

5.  Keep your eating needs consistent, one missed meal here and there isn’t often an issue, but daily or even a few times a week can impact long term on your sugar management.  This is also a great way to manage weight over the long term.

6.  Avoid over  eating on the catch up meal…or any meal for that matter.  Your chemistry on a fast eaten large meal may leave you feeling tired, grumpy and unusually hungry soon after.

Remember – if you’ve let the hangry out, don’t bite the first hand that tries to feed you – take responsibility and eat before they retreat!

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