Is 2018 Your Year of Health or Procrastination?

Good morning and happy weekend!

I've had a lot of conversations with patients already this year and I see a theme forming which is a good sign. Many of our chats centre in on embarking on an early start to getting on top of niggling health problems that plagued their 2017 (or years before). It's almost like a line in the sand has been drawn between 2017 and 2018 and a decision to change is being firmed up.

I am a big fan of preventing disease vs reaction to disease and proactive health programs go a step closer to preventing an illness more than doing nothing at all ever will. Apathy is the enemy of proaction and for many, getting that out of the way is often the beginning of a successful health program.

Last year I trained under Dr Peta Stapleton in the psychological technique of Clinical EFT or Tapping. Tapping is a powerful and effective method of freeing oneself from emotional context - and in the health arena it has far reaching impact on habits, anxiety, self sabotage, pain, sport and school performance, obsessive patterns and so much more. Imagine if you had a gut problem but you were locked in emotionally to an eating habit that irritated your gut? Tapping can help to re-organise your brain to view the approach to eating you are taking differently, freeing you to make better choices and trusting your ability to stick to the new healthy habits. It is gentle and extremely effective when done correctly and well, and it is great for all ages including young children. Check out for some more information or call us for a session. I am also running an Exploring Tapping for Everyone and Anything workshop on 27th May 2018 if you would like to know more - check out our page on Facebook - Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies

If you want to make 2018 your healthiest year yet, here are my top 5 questions for you to answer honestly to start the journey back to your vitality where your body protects itself from disease:

1. How long have I been dealing with this issue so far? If its more than 12 months, its time to get a measured approach in line to turn it around or begin turning it around. Sometimes a health condition can take more than 12 months to complete the phases of healing.

2. Have I had the right people advise me on how to find solutions to my health problem and have they answered all my questions? It can be confusing trying to navigate through the best approach for your condition or state of health. Getting clear advise that includes a forward planning path to achieve greater levels of health 'next' is a good sign you are with the right practitioner who is actively taking your health seriously from a preventative perspective.

3. What have I tried so far and what worked/didn't work - and why? Ok a series of questions within one but it is important to know what has been tried before, how it helped or didn't and from there - what did you do next? This is where tapping can be helpful - unravelling the reasons behind falling off track and not getting back on - which is commonly the reason why things stopped working for you.

4. Am I battling a level of fatigue and lethargy that is under a 7/10 most days? If that is a yes, this rises to the top of attention levels when approaching your health. If your energy is consistently low, your immune system, detox system and digestive system will all be sluggish and puts your body in the arena of poor fight back capacity or poor disease surveillance capacity.

5. How many health sabotaging habits to I regularly have? Regularly relates to either daily or more than three times a week. By identifying your regular habits allow you to see them clearly and how they can be impeding your health - and more so which ones to target first for greater success impact.

Remember - the decision for a healthier 2018 rests with you alone, however you don't need to approach it alone. For more information on tapping and comprehensive or simple targeted health prevention please contact us at 07 55939145.