5 Tips that Improve Your Concentration and Memory

Good Saturday to you all!  How have you been going this week with weather changes, short working weeks, flu season, end of month, children needs....you know where I am heading don't you? Life can be overwhelming at times!  Before I launch into this blog, I have included some links to workshops I am holding over the next few months - feel free to share them with your friends and if you aren't already a Facebook friend with the Wise Healthy Living page, jump on now!




Now, where were we?  Oh yes, that's right - MEMORY IMPROVEMENT!!

You know that annoying feeling when you can’t recall someone’s name when you go to introduce them to another person, and that this someone has a name you know you know?  Or that thing that you aimed to commit to memory so that you can pull it out later to get onto – but then it’s gone forever?  What about the time when you had a sensational idea that was going to revolutionise the world and make you a millionaire only to find that it’s gone in an hour never to be seen again?  It gets really concerning when you can’t remember your own phone number or children’s names for some.

Drawing memories out of the caverns of your mind can be an arduous task for some of us at times but if it is happening daily to you, there could be a few nutritional gaps that could be contributing to the ‘misfire’ of nerve messages that access those parts of your brain.  How well you can hold your own concentration power is also found in the same nutritional gaps.

Here are my 5 top tips on improving your concentration and memory:

  1.  Ensure you are always well hydrated on water or watery drinks like herbal tea (not caffeinated tea or coffee), broth type soups like miso or vegetable soup, vegetable juices and iced teas.
  2. Check that you include a DHA rich omega 3 fatty acid supplements in your day – the nerve endings in your brain require a fatty layer to deliver the messages, so if you are deficient in this you may have in efficient firing.  Spend the money and get a good brand to avoid introducing inflammation promoting cheaper brands.
  3. Lecithin from organic soy products and egg yolk is a great addition to cereals, smoothies and desserts and it also delivers an important component called phosphatidyl serine and choline which helps with the nerve firing as well.  This is also available supplementally and can be helpful in calming the nervous system for good sleep without drowsiness.
  4. Consider herbs such as ginger, gingko biloba, gotu kola, schisandra and bacopa – always under supervision with a practitioner to assess suitability against your medication – these guys really do spark up a lazy mind and can improve flow of circulation to the brain, mental and physical stamina as well as recall.
  5. Make sure you have adequate exercise combined with muscle relaxing therapies such as Epsom salt baths and massage to ensure your circulation to the brain is delivering the good chemistry.

Remember – sometimes a poor memory is the result of a full mind and an overwhelmed lifestyle – ease it back, write it down and get it out of the confines of your head!

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