5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising

Good wet Saturday morning!

In the spirit of Spring despite the current weather I offer you my quick 5 on how to lose some extra baggage without even putting your runners on. Here it goes...

  1.  Reduce your meal portions by 20% - aim to eat from a small bowl, side plate or with a taps approach. Eat slowly and avoid the meal rush - you won’t get to feel hungry by your calorie intake will definitely favour weight loss.
  2. Make sure your daily bowel habits are actually daily at the least. When you skip a day your toxic load increases which slows your metabolism so anything that maintains your colonic output will help. Water soluble fibre and probiotic strains are most beneficial here.
  3. Hydrotherapy can literally shiver the stores calories away whilst having a toxin relieving effect so it is a double whammy! This does mean turning the hot shower to cold for a flash every now and then.
  4. Master the sugar craving, minimise insulin resistance and get your eating into a ketogenci pattern. Foods that burn include capsicum, cocoa, cacao, cinnamon and chilli to name a few! They also help with glucose metabolism.
  5. Get your breathing right - a slower and complete breath in and out will deliver waste which used to be weight! Stress is the enemy of a slow breath so get in and make that breath happen and your stress response will also improve! Win win!

These tips ups are my go to for my patients who can’t get an exercise mojo going but in my opinion - regular movement is the cream on the top!


Enjoy! Pedometer