A Fresh New Chapter Is Upon Us

Dear All

I am writing to let you know that the website that this blog and others before it, will be coming to an end in the very near future.

I am super excited to write this to you because it also means that I am about to launch my new website which has a load of support tools, webinars, handy charts and information, as well as a beaut new shop! From this new home for my business, will be a host of new healthy challenges, meal plans, recipe books, and other surprise offerings and courses to keep you reminded of how to keep ahead of the changes in health your body experiences.

Never before have we be dealt with so many moments to consider our health care and I felt it was time to bring a fresh new support tool and base for you to find up to speed information, and be nourished along the way.

I would love to see you follow me over, but also understand if your time with my clinic has morphed into something else. For this reason, if you would like to be left off the Heal Mail migration list in the forthcoming transition, please email by reply here and I will ensure you are removed from the list prior to migration. For everyone else who is coming along for the party...keep your eyes peeled for a bright new site, some special offers and a free instant sign in webinar for you to whet your whistle on.

Stay safe, stay well and stay awesome - and many thanks for your support in my one woman show business for all of these years...time for a change because a holiday is near impossible these days!


Nicky Wood