A Husky Voice Isn’t All That Sexy

As for most winter seasons, a theme of symptoms come through the clinic door attached to unwell bodies.  This winter has been heralded by a prelude to deep chunky chest infections of a dry, scratchy and husky throat symptoms.  Commonly caused by the streptococcus bacteria, this kind of throat infection can mark the start of at least a 3 week cycle of symptoms.  In some cases, a strep throat infection can also create more complicated and serious issues in the heart - known as Rheumatic Fever which can affect the heart, skin, joints and brain - and is a potentially serious illness.

Although I wouldn't encourage you panic every time you get a sore throat, it is important to not pass off a sore throat and other symptoms that occur near the initial infection as 'nothing'.  Have it looked at.  The usual course of treatment medically is to give repetitive antiobiotic therapy in the 3 to 5 years following infection of Rheumatic Fever and in the immediate case - tests done to measure your blood count, ESR (sedimentation rate) and your heart health with an ECG (electrocardiogram).  The testing would be recommended especially if you experience rash, joint pain, heart beat irregularities as well as your sore throat in a 1 to 3 week period.

My suggestion however - is to work at preventing a simple sore throat and leave the husky sexy voices to the jazz singers.  There are many preventative steps you can take to protect yourself from catching a sexy throat and here are my top favourites:

1.  Avoid being in close contact (kissing, being breathed on, sneezed on or coughed on) with someone who sounds sexier than you!

2.  Drink plenty of fluids that are not chilled - warm teas or warm water drinks with helpful slices of fresh ginger and turmeric root and a teaspoon of manuka honey will work a treat. You can even add these to a cup of traditional black tea.

3.  Fresh herbs have powerful antibacterial and antiviral activity so include these whereever you can - mint in your drinks and smoothies; thyme (powerful throat herb) in your casseroles, mashed potato, scrambled eggs; basil and bay leaves in your italian meals, ginger and turmeric in your asian meals.

4.  Consider a dose of Golden Seal for 7 days if you start to get a scratch or inkling in the throat area.

5.  If you are exposed to a chill or wind and then your throat starts to hurt, there is a specific homeopathic remedy that addresses this onset of sore throat that produces a combination wet/dry cough and yellow phlegm (mucus).

6.  Consider a probiotic strain that is formulated specifically for the immune system. I use one called Ultra Flore Immune.

7.  If you are prone - pop yourself onto a herbal blend that contains powerful immune regulating ingredients and mucous membrane protecting properties.

8.  Colour therapy states that the colour turquoise blue soothes a raw and red throat area - so don your  bluest scarves, ties and jewellry during a throat infection.

Remember - the throat area is very sensitive and doesn't take much for the tissue to become irritated and inflamed - speak gently, sing joyfully and express your thoughts carefully.

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