A You Falling Behind in Your Health?

Good morning and welcome to the weekend.  Thank goodness I hear you say!  Hopefully your weekend has a nice balance of catch up and folly mixed with a little order and organisation in preparation for next week.  This week's blog explores the ways you can start to get a little head start on your health - so that organisation may come in handy once you have read this.

Do you have a repetitive set of little symptoms that keep cropping up from time to time - an itchy skin spot here, an embarrassing odour there?  Perhaps you have been ignoring those tight and tense shoulders that keep butting up against your ears and now you have a gnarly headache that booms its way through your week.  Your body has its unique way to tell you it's not happy and those annoying niggly signs are just the start.  In fact, if your body is giving you niggly signs, its probably been working up to that for a few weeks, months or even years.  Ignoring the niggly signs can only mean one thing - nasty ones will eventually reveal themselves and are almost always harder to reverse.  Isn't it time you got ahead of your health and catch yourself out before you are years down the track in disease fighting mode (with no fight left)?

We've become so accustomed, if not trained by modern medicine,  to have reactive responses to disease when it happens as opposed to proactive planning to maintain optimal health.  Some simple planning is all you need to create your own 'ahead of the game' health program in your own home, and in the long run it could cost you hundreds of dollars in medical bills over years.  Maybe even the really expensive ones retirees often find themselves paying.

Much like maintaining a house or car - your health needs maintenance as well.  A scheduled plan of things to check in on through the year is ideal, but week to week, this can be broken down in the following categories - and all you need is a computer, printer and a word document to get started!  To receive my comprehensive scheduled plan of checks and measures I recommend you have to prevent the big stuff later, reply to this email.

List the following headings on your page and then 2 action plans you intend on implementing this week coming.  Print it, pin it up on your fridge, back of the toilet door or mirror - and get cracking!


1.  Healthy Change in My Eating Habits: (consider water intake, sugar intake, caffeine intake, fresh vegetable intake, comfort eating rules)


2.  Healthy Change in My Exercise Habits: (if you over train and your body is telling you, write down alternative training activities that will balance it out) (if you undertrain, start with small and consistent steps and ensure your ideas cover weight bearing and cardiovascular balanced activities)


3.  Healthy Change in my Rest and Recreation Habits: (if you currently over work, carve out some you time this week - run a bath, book a massage, organise a fun activity, create some play time)


4.  Healthy Change in my Relationship Habits: (whether or not you are in a relationship, this refers to how you relate to those in your life - Do you temporarily need some space for a moment to regather yourself one night this week?  Could you be isolating yourself too frequently of late and need to create some connections with others?)


Remember, I recommend you set  actual days that these are going to be acted upon this next week.  Make your notes achievable - for example - if you're not confident in the kitchen, don't set yourself up to fail by writing down "Create a weekly menu of raw food preparation". Instead, try "Find a raw food recipe, shop for ingredients and prepare by Wednesday".

Some times just these little steps can be all you need to 'coach' yourself into a healthier advantage over disease.  Even if you are already unwell, there is ALWAYS something you can do to feel a little brighter, lighter and healthier.

Enjoy everyone...I'm off to study and run a bath!

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