Adrenally Speaking – Your Guts May Be Hurting

Welcome to another weekend of fun and catching up...or do you need some downtime?

Have you noticed that sometimes when you are feeling the pressures of the working week, your tummy gets all crampy and nasty when it comes to having a wind down drink and nibbles or several on the weekends?  Maybe you don't have to wait for the weekend to experience this?  Adrenally speaking, your stress hormones could be contributing to your digestive pain.  Don't get me wrong - if you are eating poorly and not hydrating adequately that too could be a big part of the problem, but once that is taken care of - your digestive upsets may well be chemically created by the stress response.

I've recently spent some time with a close relation who has a huge job on her hands caring for her young hubby and two children.  No wonder when it finally came (after 11 years of caring) for her to escape for a little break that she was presenting with some uncomfortable digestive symptoms - and has been for some years.  In her circumstances, she has had little time to even digest the circumstances of the events that led to her role as a carer, let alone food.  I spent some time doing very gentle abdominal massage with relaxation techniques and in minutes, her tummy felt better.  She also released emotionally part way through, which is a big step forward but a window into the amount of resistance in her body, all felt in her abdomen.

The flight and fight response is geared up to shunt the majority of blood and nutrients away from the digestive system so that in the event that you need to think and act quickly, the brain, lungs, cardiovascular system and your limbs get a hit of juice so you can stay and fight, or run like heck!  If you are unable to do either in front of a 'foe' or challenging life circumstance, your digestive power repetitively loses its mojo to fully and properly digest foods.  Add to that the potent adrenal herbs and you have a cocktail of gut clamping toxins your body is struggling to clear.  The stress response can also contribute to twisting of the bowel, over utilisation of fluids and magnesium, a proliferation of poor gut bacteria and an increase of fluid loss through sweat and urine.  All of these situations will leave your tummy in a twist hands down!

Here are my suggestions for closing the gap on adrenal related gut discomfort:

1.  Learn to breathe deeply and fully into your lower register (abdominal or diaphragm breathing) more frequently

2.  Consider glutamine, probiotics as well as adrenal/nervous system herbs to address the whole problem

3.  Power up your digestive functions once calmed down in the pain levels to improve food processing and toxin removal

4.  Eat simply with foods that are easy to process - miso soup, ginger tea, soups and casseroles, light salads with lean meats, vegetable juices

5.  Consider finding someone you can 'offload' your emotions to, your feelings can be locking in your pain. Its amazing how light you feel when you start honestly allowing yourself to 'release' what is sitting in locked mode.

6. Refuse offers to take on more tasks, voluntary roles, extra children or whatever you do to avoid focusing on your health.


Remember - being doubled up in pain at any time of your life is not the way this gig was designed to be - no matter your circumstances, take time to care for yourself.  You are worth it!

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