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If my daughter is on track with everyone else’s child – after school and before dinner is something reminiscent of a feeding frenzy in shark infested waters!  There are a few rules and options I have in my house that ensures a healthy dinner is eaten but tummies are satisfied in between:

  1. If your child has just eaten and they are hungry, suggest they drink a glass of water first and ensure they are busy with a project before feeding again.
  2. If it’s been at least an hour since the last intake of food – it’s ok to eat again unless it is half an hour outside of dinner.  I change the offers of food from an hour out of dinner so that they are decreasingly filling.
  3. If there is food in the lunch box still and providing it has been well stored during the day or is not a potential bacteria farm, it is eaten first before anything else.

Here is a ‘timetable’ of snacking I operate by:

2.45 to 3.45 – One of either: leftover lunch box, fruit smoothie made at home or on the run with a dose of Super Kids Food or a baked item such as a gluten free cupcake or healthy cookies.

3.45 to 5pm – One of either:  Piece of fruit, cheese and crackers, another smaller serve of smoothie, small bowl of popcorn, a couple of biscuits (Orgran Animal Shapes), boiled egg.

5pm till dinner – Water, some carrot sticks or cucumber sticks, miso soup, a few berries.

Remember – your child’s digestive system fills and empties quickly which is why they eat so much after school – why not let them snack on some of the dinner ingredients closer to dinner time??


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