Age Defying Health Decisions

Good Morning on this Gloomy Saturday

Some of the best decisions you can make are the ones that contribute to slowing down degeneration in your body...there -I said it.

We make many decisions on a day to day basis that impact our lives and none are so important as the ones we make that drive our choice of food, beverage, movement, attitude and rest.

The small habits we pass off as harmless are often the ones that over time, do the most harm. Habits like regularly dehydrating ourselves from inadequate water intake coupled with drinking diuretic drinks like coffee and black tea. The coupling effect is usually what creates the imabalance in this example.

Here are my top best decisions for your health that you can make that may also slow down the ageing process...

1. Keep positively hydrated daily
2. Choose a clean omega 3 oil and consume it daily
3. Include 3-4 varieties of green vegetables daily
4. Commit to frequent exercise or movement that is not work or housework related - movement that mobilises your joints, not inflames them, and makes you smile!
5. Avoid regular pastry, sweet and baked goods consumption - especially if you have them in a daily routine now.
6. Consider the healing benefits of hydrotherapy and explore the many ways of incorporating it into a healthy lifestyle.
7. If your stamina and endurance for usual household chores is waning, consider longevity herbs, Co Enzyme Q 10, Resveratrol, Magnesium and B Vitamins as a way to spark up your cellular energy.
8. Get some sun exposure to your abdomen and inner thighs for 10 min a day.
9. Be kind to your mind- feed it a positive personal position diet everyday- gratitude is a great attitude.
10. Find something to have a great belly laugh to- it’s a great hormone balancer!

So get on with it and don’t let the old person chasing you catch up!

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