Alcohol is Hot Stuff

Good morning!

It’s a foggy Winter’s day in the Gold Coast - exactly what you’d expect for a Mid June day. Have you noticed how life throws all kinds of unexpected events just to see how you respond?

In the past weeks and despite all the best laid plans, I’ve had small postponements on getting the clinic space ready for trade on Monday - so it will be a Wednesday ‘soft’ opening instead.

I like that word soft - it allows for anything that needs to be there, to just be there. It’s given me permission to be a little less self critical for not meeting ALL the deadlines I’ve set out to achieve in the lead up.

So this week, and after 14 years of aiming at the target of working from a home based clinic, I will be operating from the new premises which I’ve been working on between my usual commitments.

There’s also been a family illness and passing in amongst all of this. I’ll drop anything and everything for my family when they need me - it’s just what I do. It’s also part of this time of my life.

Last year I hosted a seniors wellness event for one of my corporate clients and had the pleasure of introducing Costa Georgiadis from the ABC Gardening Australia show as the guest speaker.

Costa had just lost his father a few weeks before the event after years of caring for him. He spoke of the division between our seniors, their children and their grandchildren.

He said the seniors were the wise ones, their children (my age) were the workers who care for both children and senior parents, and the children who posssess the potential to lead the world.

My take home message was that this time of my life is all about putting in the hard years. It’s also a reminder to take better care of my body as this is the time it potentially ages faster under the weight of stress and lifestyle choices.

This time is also where menopausal changes begin to present in the form of flushing and my noticeing of this in speaking with my patients is that alcohol and flushing do not go well together.

For our men, heating of the body from stress and alcohol can load up the body with unnecessary inflammation.

The problem is that most adults in the worker time of life use alcohol as a crutch which is not ideal maintenance for an ageing hard working body.

My recommendations are to moderate your alcohol intake to half of what you usually do and commit to two consecutive nights minimum of no alcohol intake at all - just to let your body cool down.

The next step along from there is to have a complete alcohol retreat and chill right out.

If ever you want to challenge is the time to do it.

*There are many nutrients that can support your body if you need to cut the attraction to any substance. We have comprehensive dietary, mind support and nutritional support programs available.

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