Are You Addicted Yet?

Good wet weekend to you all!

Well month one of 2018 is behind us and let me say this has been a roller coaster for yours truly. One particular moment in the month that has been poignant is the realisation of my own mortality following the passing of two lovely girlfriends - under differing circumstances.

One of these circumstances tragically involved a lethal addiction to alcohol which highlighted to me the relationship we build as adults to substances vs experiences to get us through the harsh reality of our sometimes difficult lives.

Substance Addiction is a Trap

There is no doubt about that. The direct hit on our brains that most substances achieve; to soothe a troubled mind, is potent and fast. Its no wonder we get attached to the feel good sensation of numbing out when things get tough.

For some this addicted brain is a genetic hand me down - for others its a starting point. For all of us - its a choice. Some will say they have no choice - it takes over before they know it and are at a loss at how to arrest it. Many more, however, will deny there is an underlying problem, and suffer along with their loved ones through the denial and further into destruction.

Common Thread

The common thread though amongst all substance addicted sufferers is an ever growing depletion of vital nutrients that feed a healthy brain so it can make healthy chemistry to support healthy choices on whether or not to go for the easy way through, or grow into a more life sustaining habit.

So are you addicted yet? To being the healthier version of yourself, or the substance supported version of yourself. To a freedom of choice or a restriction of decision making. To a vitality that only being substance free can give, or a sluggishness that addiction will offer? If you are living from one day to the next requiring something to pick you up, or slow you down - and it has no nutritional basis to supporting you - its time to review your health plan before you can't see life without it.

Fully Comprehensive Support Available

I am offering full nutritional and drug testing, repletion programs, Clinical EFT techniques and meditation sessions as a fully comprehensive approach to turning the addicted brain around. Whether it is sugar and caffeine, alcohol or cocaine, ICE or prescription medications - these techniques are well researched and have a strong foundation in life changing turn arounds. Let's talk about how we can support you and your family.


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