Are You Barking Mad?

Happy weekend to you!  Mine will be a full one but is promising to bring lots of laughter and loads of fun with a dear friend's 40th birthday celebrations.  In the lead up to this weekend, I noticed my daughter, having spent many days in the surf, swimming pools and coinciding with a sharp rise in temperatures and wind in our local area, developed a persistent barking cough.

Knowing that I needed to solve this one fast so not to impede on sharing in the celebrations, I started her immediately on a homeopathic program, which has resolved the cough to nearly nothing within 24 hours.  Some sceptics say this type of treatment is based on placebo, but time and again - when I work with these remedies and especially in children who are so receptive without suggestion, I see fast, effective AND gentle easily compliant results.  Am I insane not to trot her off to a medical centre and line up for a drug prescription?  Her barking cough in my opinion didn't warrant that type of madness.

Homeopathic prescribing is an art some say, but a lot of my parents have become true artists when it comes to administering well indicated remedies in their children early into the onset of something new, and their children become their masterpieces! Most of us want that picture completed of happy and healthy children, so here are some homeopathic 'families' that go well together to tackle Summer, Winter or change of season coughs:

1.  Dry tickly cough - first onset - Aconite and Rumex

2.  Dry, barky to phlegmy cough - sudden onset especially from exposure to wind/cold and worse lying down - Drosera and Hepar Sulph.  Often present is a sore throat and sensitive to cold breezes.
3.  Wet phlegmy cough - second stage after a dry cough phase or direct onset - mucus is thick, bland and yellow/green - Pulsatilla/Kali Sulph and Ipecac.

4.  Wet rolling chest cough - little mucus coughed up - Ipecac, Ant Tart (sitting very still and deep fever/pale sweaty head)

5.  Deep throaty cough with sore chest - airways feel dry and burnt, lips are dry/red - Bryonia/Phosphorous

6.  Choking cough - mucus flies out of the mouth, stringy or ropy and gets caught part way in the throat which chokes - Kali Bich/Coccus Cacti (red face with streaming water from eyes during cough)

If you would like a homeopathic first aid or cough remedy kit complete with handouts and an easy prescriber, contact me directly and we can tailor something that best fits the masterpieces in your family!

Remember - choosing the correct remedy based on the presentation of the cough and its related 'family' symptoms, can take you from madness to a whole lot of gladness in a journey so quick, there's no time for "Are we there yet?"



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