Are You Flexing Your Metabolic Muscle?

Good Morning Sunny Saturdayers

Yes I just invented a new word, its going to be that kind of blog.  Sit back and relax - actually don't - instead pay full attention to what you are about to read because it is not only important, it could mean the difference between a life time of medication and pain and a lifestyle of energy and gain.

Another new term being thrown around the nutritional medical world known as metabolic flexibility is going to be something you may start hearing about more soon.  It ties in with the concept of metabolic syndrome, but relates mostly to insulin, longevity and weight gain.

To be metabolic flexible means that your body has not ventured too far from its ancestral responses to food intake and the adapting of insulin in response to glucose entering your blood stream.  Some of us are metabolically flexible, many of us (thanks to a Western diet and exercise regime where we no longer have to move our body in order to find our food) are dangerously inflexible.

So how do you know which one fits you?  There are a few clues that give it away and if you do find yourself in the metabolically inflexible category, have a child that fits the description or know someone struggling with these features - each day spent there is compounding the issue and contributing to further unhappiness, discomfort, fatigue, weight gain and even reproductive issues.

Here are the clues as to your flexibility when it comes to be metabolically sound:

Metabolic Flexible                                                  Metabolically Inflexible

Adapts well to dietary changes                            Does not adapt well, puts weight on easily
Maintains energy between meals                        Fatigues from food intake (sleepy post meals)

Eats whatever with no weight gain                     Literally looks at food and gains weight

Doesn't get 'hangry'                                                Irritability and low glucose levels if not eating

No cravings for carbs                                             Prefers carbohydrates

Flexing your metabolic muscle means that your body has an appropriate response to food and exercise that leaves you energized, responsive, happy, engaged, free of joint and muscular pain, positive and optimistic.

Have you ever noticed how flexible your metabolic muscle is?