Are You Getting Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C-onnection?

Good Glorious Saturday to you!

It is a simply magical day here on the Gold Coast and it's a perfect day to get out and experience what our beautiful environment has to offer and share it with other groovy humans hanging around you. If you live in a different hemisphere when you wake to read this, what will your plans be for your weekend of catching up with friends and family? When we think about health programs we often think about diet and exercise with a few supplements thrown in. Today's piece is devoted to the health benefits we receive when we experience joyful connections with other humans.

I was speaking with a rep the other day and we were discussing the surge of younger generation practitioners in our field and she mentioned that there is a surge of Naturopaths ONLY running virtual clinics, where your consultations are operated from an online or telephonic platform and there is no actual human contact. I won't get into my professional opinion on this topic of our chat as there are some situations where remote contact is the only contact a patient can have with their practitioner, but what is obvious in our community of youth in general, is a lack of compassionate human interaction.

Thanks to the introduction to technical communication devices, a penchant for screen addiction, increases in processed food ingestion, increases in exposures to environmental toxins and genetically induced nutrient and hormonal processing flaws that succumb to expression in these environmental factors, our youth across the general population don't know what they are missing out on.

Science shows us that wonderful and powerful chemical changes happen in our body when we experience lovely moments with humans, animals and natural environments otherwise known as green spaces. These changes are vitally important for our body to experience on a regular basis for optimal health and wellbeing. These health gains include:

1. Surges of the hormone oxytocin which plays a role in social bonding, empathy and anxiety, lowers sodium levels which can improve elevated blood pressure, regulates the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis that regulates the stress response. Interestingly the receptor for this hormone requires cholesterol and magnesium to operate effectively and we don't just produce it around childbirth.
2. Affectionate tendencies increase and evasion tendencies wane - we literally get a high from the interaction and vow to do it again (because it feels so good)
3. Creativity starts to flow and an 'excitement to be alive' rises
4. The neurotransmitter dopamine is produced which contributes to the ability to empathise with others, lowering anxiety and increasing motivation
5. Negative ions are experienced from exposure to green spaces which have positive impact on our psyche - the more grounding we experience with direct contact on the earth (grass, dirt, sand and water) - the more grounded we become in our approach to problem solving and stress management.
6. Pheromone interactions occur to assist with attraction to others and our sense of wellbeing.
7. Intuitive power increases with our ability to read the environmental changes of the others around us which offers powerful insights into decision making, danger interpretation and subtle shifts in energetics around that to signal a favourable or non favourable space to remain in.

Connecting with others is good for our health as it helps us to adapt to survive and evolve - the success of your future personal and business plights may well rely on it!
If you are having challenges with your connection to other humans, consider the health benefits of EFT or tapping which extend beyond stress management and anxiety as a beneficial tool for self support. Not only is EFT a touch therapy, it is also a clinically proven method to supporting the emergence from uncomfortable emotional patterns and habits. I am offering one on one EFT sessions in the clinic where we can explore the many blocks to personal progress you may be experiencing right now. Go to the consultations page and book your session online. Mention BLOG in the notes of your booking and receive a free TAPPING journal, BIODOT and guide card.