Are you the Captain of your Vice?

Happy Saturday...or is it?  If you have woken up this morning with sections of Friday night still attached - this could be great timing for you.  In the quest to blow off some steam and feel the pressure drain away from our body after a week of negotiation, frustration, mental calculation and kids (for those who have them), there are few humans walking upright that have some form of vice that doesn't involve eating something, drinking something, smoking something or in some cases - snorting or injecting something.

These are the vices that we have grown to understand will help loosen cranky pants you and reveal party pants you.  As a young you - there would have been some influential evidence presented in the form of other adults to bolster the impression that having a vice is a good thing.  The reality is quite often the opposite.  Just about every vice robs you of some nutrient, chemical balance, rest and more insidiously - true happiness.

Even the very notion of admitting having a vice that has a control over one's will and choice - is an idea rejected in vehemence by those who rely heavily on it to feel ok amongst the madness of their life.  If this sounds like it could be describing you or someone you know - the vice has become the captain.

I have a regular stream of patients who are looking for strategies to become the 'fact controller' when it comes to understanding their vices and how to overcome them healthily.  The interesting part about this journey is that when one vice (coffee, alcohol, lollies, junk food, drugs) has been removed, it is automatically assumed that an alternataive vice needs to be implemented to take its place.  My immediate response when I hear this is 'Why?'.

Why do you NEED a replacement vice?  Why not go without and simply enjoy YOU without the personality crutch?  In my opinion, all vices - even the healthy ones like exercise and water - can become unhealthy in excess.  The main message here is - learn to live healthily with and then also without your vices, and you will always be in control.  Where your lifestyle is affecting your health - something needs to be done.  I suggest the following when captaining your vice again:

1.  Be honest and allow your friends and family to let you know when your vice is controlling you.

2.  Make a plan to start releasing your vice's grip on you.  Ensure you include a list of professionals that can help you achieve this in the shortest time.

3.  Notice your immediate reaction when it is suggested you need to pull up on a vice - be it working too many hours, taking something into your body or exercising excessively - if someone close to you has noticed you are relying on it to feel good about yourself or your situation, its time to be humble and take it on board.

4.  Give yourself time to master the new you - and be prepared to spend time getting to know him or her - the raw basic you!


Remember - if your vice has a grip on you that is so tight you can barely breathe without it, or when it is removed you breathe fire - drop the dragon routine and get a plan in place pronto!

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