Are You Wearing Your Virtual Kevlar Business Vest?

Good Saturday and Welcome to a weekend yet again!  The weeks are now officially flying by - beware the evaporating month!

Today this piece is devoted to the mums who are in business - either running one for their family or virtually running one for their employee.  Its a pressure cooker in there, is it not?

Having emerged from the fog of early single motherhood and thrust into the reality of sink or swim when it came to making my 'business' successful, I now have a clear understanding of how to manage my default reactions and responses to circumstances beyond and within my control, the impact my decisions have on my business, and the impact on my health and the balance of my household.

The battle zone of business and home life will always share a common ground - you.  In order to survive- yet thrive- depends on your ability to know yourself intricately - your communication and leadership style, your use of energy when it is offered to you and the knowledge of when that energy is true or dragged up from your adrenal glands.  Being in business and running a household can feel like war.

Very shortly, a colleague of mine Rebecca Plant and I will be running a leadership day for ladies who are leading a team at their workplace and in their home, to equip you with the skills and strategies that both Bec and I have developed over the years.

We offer pre workshop strategies and planning so that on the day, it is all about building a bank of solutions for you to fall back on anytime you need to.  Not to mention- we will include super healthy food, meditation and lots of handouts and notes to bring you in line with your coping mechanisms.

So, don your virtual Kevlar vest with us on the 18th March and literally march forward into 2016 fully loaded to fire into the year with confidence and calm!

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