Are your Pyrroles Driving You Mad?

Happy Weekend to all!  Last week I touched on the subject of excess histamine production and the impact on this on moods, allergies and other health related problems.  Often when I am suspecting histamine as an issue in a patient's health, I will also check Kryptopyrroles/Mauve Factor (done with the same sample).  Pyrroles are produced in your body when it breaks down haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying component of your blood, and when increase levels of pyrroles are produce the following symptoms (there are many more) can be noticed:

Attention and concentration challenges, loss of appetite, loss of libido, argumentative, difficulty remembering dreams, nervousness, nervous exhaustion, panic attacks, poor memory, menstrual cycle interruptions, intolerance to alcohol and drugs, tremors, antisocial behaviour, loss of hair growth on head, eyebrows and lashes, migraines, poor tanning/easy sun burn, reading difficulties, pessimism...and the list is quite extensive. It is a simple test to do, but in conditions such as post natal depression, schizophrenia, ADHD/Austistic spectrum, substance abuse, learning difficulties, Tourette's syndrome and epilepsy - this important metabolite is often over looked.

As Pyrrole and Histamine excesses look similar in much of the presentation, it is commonly recommended to check both whilst performing testing on a person who is suspected to have one or the other elevated.  The other reason for this is that pyrroles often respond well to folic acid, zinc, B6 and Vitamin C supplementation, but Histamine does poorly on folic acid supplementation - it is recommended to have a health professional determine the best approach going forward so as to impact on both successfully.

Given that many of the symptoms/conditions associated with histamine and pyrrole excesses are sensitive ones - it is always recommended to start with low doses and go slowly.  For this reason, treatment results can take some time and are often subtle at first.  In some cases, there can be mild aggravation before there is progress.  I have seen some remarkable transformations with these patients however, and it is well worth hanging in there for.

Remember - you or your child's learning difficulty may have nothing to do with eyesight, behaviour or boredom and more to do with the chemistry happening internally.

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