A Fresh New Chapter Is Upon Us

Dear All

I am writing to let you know that the website that this blog and others before it, will be coming to an end in the very near future.

I am super excited to write this to you because it also means that I am about to launch my new website which has a load of support tools, webinars, handy charts and information, as well as a beaut new shop! From this new home for my business, will be a host of new healthy challenges, meal plans, recipe books, and other surprise offerings and courses to keep you reminded of how to keep ahead of the changes in health your body experiences.

Never before have we be dealt with so many moments to consider our health care and I felt it was time to bring a fresh new support tool and base for you to find up to speed information, and be nourished along the way.

I would love to see you follow me over, but also understand if your time with my clinic has morphed into something else. For this reason, if you would like to be left off the Heal Mail migration list in the forthcoming transition, please email by reply here and I will ensure you are removed from the list prior to migration. For everyone else who is coming along for the party...keep your eyes peeled for a bright new site, some special offers and a free instant sign in webinar for you to whet your whistle on.

Stay safe, stay well and stay awesome - and many thanks for your support in my one woman show business for all of these years...time for a change because a holiday is near impossible these days!


Nicky Wood

Have You Broken Your Promise?

Welcome to my very delayed and first blog of 2019!

It has been a busy start to the year - settling in the clinic, recovering from a double fracture in my foot and of course the craziness of Christmas and New Year start ups.

Let's not mention the competition season for my daughter's surfing got off to an early and intensive start with us heading off to Woolongong in January as she qualified for a spot in the National Rip Curl competition and is currently competing in her first Pro Junior event in my home town. I always envisaged myself working on the road from time to time - I just didn't realise it was literally going to be 'on the road'. In saying all that, having the flexibility of working from my own business has its ups (in balance with some downs).

When it comes to commitment, she shows me a whole new level of focus - which brings me to your health.

How committed and focused are you on addressing potential health issues BEFORE vs AS they arise? Are you a reactor or pro-actor when it comes to your wellbeing?

Did you make optimistic health promises to yourself, your kids or your partner...that are you are currently breaking?

Relax, this is not one of those guilty road trips I intend on taking you on. It's more of a "Come on, get back up and let's do this together - I got your back" kind of adventures!

In the days of digital doctoring, it is so very easy to try to navigate your health using leading keyword phrases, but nothing replaces face to face contact and the sense that someone has a professional understanding of your health journey with the coaching skills to take you through to the results you are looking for.

Thankfully, I have a number of new programs available with up to date tests and even genetic profiling on your potential health weaknesses that we can select in clinic for you. It is an exciting time to be honest - never before have we been more equipped to help you keep your promises!

For the rest of February, if you book in for a Healthy Overhaul appointment - you will receive a free 30 minute Tapping for Commitment and Focus Session with me that you can incorporate at any time of the year ahead! This is $70 of value! Call on 0438461178 to set up your Healthy Overhaul Appointment or respond to this post for more information on what is included.

Valentines Day Gift Of Health - Share the Journey of Amazing Health Together

Keeping Ahead Of The Christmas Chaos

Good morning and what a beautiful day it is!


I write this from a picnic table at Miami Beach Queensland Australia as my daughter prepares for her surf competition today...her heat is about to start.

Later today we celebrate a family annual Christmas gathering so there has been a lot to do in the lead up for this weekend. Sleepover packing, Christmas shopping, patient appointments and filling orders food prep, wrapping presents and packing surfboards...it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

Keeping ahead of the chaos inside your head may seem like another thing of the to do list but in my opinion it is the most important item of all.

This last 24 days before the big one is for some - perilously fragile. Emotional reminders of loved ones lost, fractured relationships, a year of under par health and the remnants of general 2018 exhaustion may plague you, but it’s not too late to bring yourself back in check.

Here are my top tips for keeping ahead of the chaos:

  1.  Watch how you breathe - it’s common to shallow breathe when you’re rushing and under stress. This can leave you fatigued, digesting poorly, feeling muscle pain and sleeping broken hours.
  2.  Stay hydrated in a positive way - keep your electrolytes coming and your water flowing. Resist the urge to keep caffeine flowing though- this will rob you of precious fluids and nutrients and eventually result in foggy thinking.
  3. Consider learning ‘anti-rush’ tapping sequences and calming techniques- these can offer on the spot support and strategy for the harshest of days.
  4. Keep your lists refreshed, your food intake frequent but not overly complex and your chewing slow.
  5. Be mindful of resetting your attention so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand - mindfulness techniques are vital right now.
  6. Herbs like Bacopa, Withania, Passionflower and Baical Skullcap are powerful supporters of the adrenal and nervous systems. B vitamins and magnesium formulas can support the nerve firing of messages you will need to keep your head together!
  7. Remind yourself to stay calm - actually tell yourself this when it starts to get in top of you!

For pre - Christmas calming sessions - let’s talk. Its a wonderful feeling when you see yourself manage your day with ease despite the busy-ness of the tasks ahead of you...

Go off Track but Don’t Derail

Good Glorious Day!

Welcome to the last few weeks before the years ends and the weeks that many start to think they are giving up any hope of maintaining their health until somewhere in January.

Mindset is a powerful tool when it comes to applying yourself to any decision. Whether it’s saving money or losing weight- mindset plays a crucial role in your health and your happiness and it bodes us all well to watch our inner talk around this time of year.


As humans, we are set to a number of defaults. From maintaining homeostasis to remembering the finer  details of a negative experience vs the positive ones.

We can nail detailing so incredibly efficiently and it takes more conviction than a guilty offender to turn that head space around.

In fact-our biochemical messenger system has it so well wired that we can even become addicted to experiences that are negative, toxic or self deprecating.

Much like any addiction, the power is in the trigger, the head chatter and the follow through action.

Here are my steps on how you can stay on track with your food, exercise, alcoholic beverage intake and even your mind chatter:

1. Understand that much of your habit forming will be subconscious, which means that calling it out to raise to conscious thought will be necessary. This means being 100% honest with yourself that you respective repetition patterns maybe locked in and needs to be put on notice.

2.  Allow yourself stages of changes - not as a back door excape plan in case you fail, but as a way to bit off smaller pieces of the goal to embed deeper set new healthy patterns and habits.

3.  Always choose a healthier option if on offer. This will fortify your will power every time you do. Read ingredient labels, look for fresh produce in the food or clear fluid in the beverage.

4.  If you do slip off the edge- give yourself a 48 hour rule to be back on track by.

5. Remember that a week away from your healthy plan won’t equate to a complete fall off the perch results wise. There is time to regain control and move forward still. Don’t give up just because you gave in.

6.  Be kind to yourself if you do go off track- the last thing you need right now is negative self talk that will embed poor habit forming again.

7.  Reward your achievements with non addictive substances and habits. Think about an experience reward you are aiming for and gift it to yourself - massage, meditation classes, hydrotherapy, facials, pedicures, manicures, nature experiences - they all put back into the fortification account.

8. Get help - it’s ok to sort yourself out a health coach to keep you accountable until you are in the habit of doing it yourself.

9. Consider tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a way to rewire your neural pathways towards more supportive habits. Sessions are available this month and remote appointments are offered through Skype, Messenger or Zoom mediums.

I have also a series of online self paced motivational sessions that are designed for weight management clients but are able to be applied to any (health) goal.

Weight Loss VS Fat Loss – What Is Your Reality?

Good Glorious Saturday - WHL15 - REMEMBER THIS CODE and read on...

When it comes to weekend weather you can't go past a lovely cool morning with a hint of sun to warm your skin, followed by a light breeze and a spell by the sea.  Its that Summer feel that lifts us out of the Winter hole and out of our stodgy hedonic eating patterns and into spritely salads and BBQs.

Every season shift from Winter to Spring heralds a mass movement towards gyms, trainers, beach paths and bicycles as humans, much like a hibernating bear, emerges to shed their gathered padding.  The movement towards the swimwear draw is however, a little less massive, and a lot more tentative.  They say that Summer bodies are built in Winter, so I would imagine that intrepid journey to the bikini and board short draw is somewhat more confident in those that have been out of the cave during the cooler months.

Thousands are currently embarking on 6 week weight loss programs right now as a cleverly timed calendar decision leading into Christmas Day has been reverse engineered to coincide with a looser waistline come Santa's arrival.  The success of these programs will be determined on a number of factors:

  1.  The ability of the participant to stick with the intended program for the duration - if that is doubtful - motivational or mindset coaching will be paramount
  2. The percentage of fat tissue vs muscle tissue currently on the body, and altered during the program - if you are focusing on weight loss vs fat loss - you are already behind the permanent weight loss line already.  This may be why previous attempts seem to fail. More importantly however, is that if you are losing muscle due to your body metabolising it - you set yourself up for a faster onset of ageing related conditions and immune problems down the track.
  3. The amount of consistent and varied exercise maintained during and beyond the program - yes you do  need to move your body for a fat loss goal to be achieved.
  4. The body's current set point and the approach taken by the program coordinators to re-set this - observing the staging down of set weight point during a weight management program is key.
  5. Whether or not the participant is in leptin resistance - for more on this subject read next week's blog as this is a massive area to cover.
  6. Whether or not the participant reaches ketosis during their program consistently - this is dependant on a number of factors - content of healthy fats in the diet, content of muscle preserving proteins in the diet, level of movement the body experiences during the program.
  7. The immune and toxin load starting point of the individual - if these areas are encumbered the progress is highly likely to be slow - releasing fat cells as you lose them may also equate to an upsurge in toxin release from fat cell degradation.
  8. Medications ingested by the participant - if the participant is taking oral hormones, cortisone, some antidepressants, MS medication, proton pump inhibitors and cholesterol lowering medications, the effect of those medications on certain chemical pathways of the body can create challenges in the redirection of fat and glucose for metabolism, or impede the normal functioning of the mitochondria.

As you can see - there are a few stop off points that should be considered when it comes to achieving healthy fat loss (vs weight loss) in order to successfully step into your Summer body year in and out.


Add a little extra protein to your meals for some Leptin resistance help - go to www.healthyfamiliesau.com.au and use the code above for all your protein needs- they have a wide range of protein items for you to snack on - sweetened by a 15% off!


For information on my comprehensive Set Point Healthy Weight Management Program- touch base. This program includes recipe book, shaker, meal templates, protein powders, a series of online motivational sessions, keto measure sticks, protein bars, tapping techniques for habits and cravings (as well as your beliefs in weight) and a secret gift to keep you motivated!

Being Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Health Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Good morning to you!

I have had a wonderful week returning to my almost usual antics now that I have given the (fracture) boot the royal boot! You sure do appreciate being able bodied when you lose the function of a part! It reminds me to remind YOU to NEVER take your body for granted and every day - take at least one measure to consider the basic needs of giving your body nourishing food, hydrating fluids, mobilising movements, daily eliminations and soothing rest.  It is literally that simple!

From life after being on my butt or crutches came a sweet reconnection, actually quite a few, but more on that later...

I've chosen this topic today as a reminder to those of us who have lost ourselves in the quest for a healthy life.  To quote the highly anxious Robby the Robot in Lost In Space, "Danger Will Robinson" may well apply as a warning for those who complicate the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

If you have ever been the victim of paralysis by analysis, you will understand that overthinking a plan can be detrimental to its success.  This can't apply more to the subject of one's health.

In all the thousands of hours spent researching the ethology (starting point) of a disease and more so how to apply solutions to it, there are some basic fundamentals that I commonly find are overlooked along the way.  I guess this is where natural medicine is at its best - we are always looking for causation in our conversations with patients - which means we are constantly going from a bottom up approach in differential diagnosis.

Here are some commonly overlooked conditions which just needs a simple approach to solving its dilemma:

  1.  #Headache - not a deficiency of paracetamol - most common cause is dehydration or toxin intake.
  2.  #Backache - commonly not permanently paralysing - most commonly a combination of muscle spasms that eventually lead to bone movement which can be initially helped by a good and regular massage.
  3.  Irritability - not always a hormonal imbalance - commonly contributed to by a lack of quality sleep, not enough adequate hydration and the aftermath of toxin overload.
  4.  #Weight challenges - infrequently a frank thyroid issue - commonly thyroid imbalances come AFTER a weight challenge is experienced for some time.
  5. #Constipation - not a deficiency of laxatives - the body is crying out for fibre, water and bacterial balance from prebiotic foods and probiotic strains.
  6. #Insomnia - is not your body craving sleep medication - getting underneath the chemistry of sleep from stress and hormonal, food and glucose balances is the way back to a solid night's repose.
  7. #Sugar cravings - is not your system needing Mars Bars - its your gut bacteria or dopamine receptors asking for a little quick fix - what they actually need is commonly more basic than that!
  8. #Fatigue is not a #coffee deficiency no matter how much it feels like one - give that system good protein, magnesium, hydration and a balance of rest and activity.

Whatever your health dilemma is, try and find its common cause.  Keep it nice a simple - your sanity may well rely on it!





And now for that sweet connection!  I have teamed up with the wonderful crew at Healthy Families Australia who have recently launched their incredibly well stocked online health food business where you can find literally anything for a healthy household. Run by local families - Anja and Claudine understand how important it is to make buying healthy produce and household products super simple and easy!  They have just launched an opening discount which will expire soon...but my readers get to enjoy the benefits on this FOREVER!!


Use this code: https://healthyfamiliesau.com.au/discount/WHL15?redirect=%2Fcollections%2Feveryday

Secure your PERMANENT 15% off every day!  With Christmas coming up - this is the perfect opportunity to put together a healthy basket or hamper for friends, family or work colleagues. Delivery throughout Australia is available! .




More exciting news for 2019 coming soon with some other sweet connections having been made this past few convalescing weeks!


Happy Weekend everyone!

For an appointment with Nicky click here

Healthy Overweight Does Not Exist

Good glorious morning to you!

What a stunning day to be alive! I write this beachside watching my daughter surf and it couldn’t be a sweeter spot to be...other than being out there myself. Easier said than done with a healing fracture but it won’t be long and I’ll be on my feet again literally!

I was recently at a conference on weight management and it was said that there has been a growing popular acceptance that being overweight and being healthy can coexist. It was also said that science would challenge that premise in proving that according to healthy bio markers - this cannot be the case.

I guess that comes down to your definition of health, especially if you’re not in the habit of having those biomarkers periodically checked by a qualified practitioner. This can be where the acceptance of ‘healthy over-weight’ can be dangerous.

In all the patients who I see for weight management support, who are also overweight, I would concur with the latter.  Conversely- most of my patients who have concerning biomarkers have weight challenges - most but not all.

Not one of my weight loss goal oriented patients  had a clean slate according to a cross section of cardiovascular, immune, hormone, mood or gut health. At least one of those areas was indicating that their body was not coping with the extra load.

The focus around ‘losing weight’ for Summer, year in and year out, couldn’t be more flawed. When I am coaching my healthy weight patients all year round, I use motivation and mindset techniques (Tapping and Coaching) to reset their attention towards healthy biomarkers.

This way they are less driven by the scales and more driven by what counts in the long run - health and longevity. Skinny people can have high risk factors too remember!

The body has a way to set its preferred weight unless they set point is shifted (new research has shown there are 6 principles on how to achieve this). This is often why people whack the weight back on and some when they ‘diet’ for weight loss.

Much like a tennis game, the magic is in the set point!

Would you like to know more??? Join Nicky in her 6 week Reset Your Set Point program and get right underneath EVERYTHING that will lead you to your happy healthy weight.

Reply to this email for more information and have a super day!!

**Yesterday We were trialling a new SMS program which need some more tweaking. Apologies if you received an unusual message from Nicky - it was not a spam message.

Keep Positive And Convalesce Like A Boss


Good morning on this wet weekend of ours!

How glorious is it? Waking up to a weekend of cloud cover that heralds permission for you to take your time unravelling yourself from the bed covers!  Lamenting the week that was for some is a favourite Saturday past time.

For others who are bed ridden as a matter of course and circumstance, it is just groundhog day over again - another day where the confines of repose is all you have to adjust to.  

As you may have read, I have been in convalescence for the past three weeks now as the fractures in my foot are given time and space to heal.  This time has afforded me more stillness and rest than I have known for a very long time…if ever.  I’ve become well adjusted already to ground hog day, and I feel very comfortable with that.


If you had said to me three weeks ago that I was going to be offered the opportunity of the next six weeks to sit and contemplate my next move in my business and personal life, that I would have time to spend in writing new programs for my patients, more time to research treatment protocols, work on my website and so much more - I would have said “Show me the couch!”  

However, if you had said to me that this opportunity would only come through the misfortune of an accident - I would have baulked at the chance and pressed on with my busy life.  After all, who needs to go through unnecessary pain to take the downtime needed to rest, plan and reset a life plan? Many have said to me that this has happened to slow me down…and I agree.

I would have been a long way off slowing down myself under my own steam as I had just moved and was still settling things in.  The move was a step towards a less intense working pace for me down the track - I guess I just hadn’t slowed down fast enough!


In the unfolding of the recent events, it has dawned on me how impatient patients can be!  I have found most of the time I have been in a space of receptivity to my recent plight, but every now and then I have also identified with the inconvenience this incident has caused me.  

In saying that, I am reminded about many patients that I have met along the way who may be literally getting in the way of their own healing through their reactions to their health circumstance.  Initial shock is understandable, however the responses after that is completely in the hands of the endurer.

As with all phases of change - the best thing I know I need to do, is to be mindful of resisting this situation with mannerism of negativity, and embrace the place I have arrived in, and everything it is bringing with it.  

After all - what will grumbling do to help the situation?  It won’t improve my circumstances. It won’t make my break heal any faster or magically reverse the clock to the moment before it happened…there is absolutely no common sense in getting cranky about the restrictions I have been placed under.  For more chronic or life defining conditions, this is even more profound, but for each individual, a place each of us will find at differing time frames.


The chemistry of positivity is so potent it can really push a healing phase along.  Conversely - the chemistry of negativity is also incredibly potent - it can slow it down and have adverse affects on your immune health.

Whenever you are in a situation where your health knocks you down, it is so important to gather as much strength up as possible to hit the positive outlook button over and over.  If there was a way to push a button on a dopamine hit alongside a pain hit in intravenous drips - I would think this would be an amazing outcome for patients who are in a long term convalescent situations.

Dopamine is the brain’s positive thinking hormone as it is generated as a result of reward stimulation such as in exercise or eating highly satisfying foods like chocolate.  I wouldn’t suggest you eat a heap of chocolate when afflicted with bed rest, but anything that stimulates dopamine production is ideal.

Here are my top tips for keeping yourself positive and healthy when you have to stay put and rest in the name of better health:

  1. Accept your situation as is and work towards a plan to set yourself up with what you need to do alternative tasks you don’t often get to do like sorting receipts, deleting emails, arranging photographs, learning a new skill like a musical instrument or new language.  In essence, plan to busy yourself in constructive ways. Try building vision boards, resetting goals, writing affirmations, creating a gratitude list or mastering the art of meditation. 
  2. Eat well - with whatever you choose to put into your body, it is advisable to ensure it can be broken down into components that contribute to healing your body, vs adding load.  Foods that build strength, easy to digest, has a good fluid base and packed full of nutrients are the key.  Collagen rich foods like bone broth and hard stalk vegetables like carrot, celery, parsnip, broccoli and cauliflower have tissue strengthening nutrients.  Antioxidant rich green, red and purple vegetables and berries, citrus and custard apple are high in collagen production stimulants.  They also help to protect against inflammation.  Turmeric, ginger, pomegranate and pineapple have particularly high inflammation protective nutrients.
  3. Exercise parts of your body you can move safely.  Just because one part is not able to work, doesn’t mean you have to cease moving altogether.  I have been restricted in driving but in a seated position I can still move my arms and my other leg, I can still do small movements that build strength in those parts, and I can stretch my aching muscles from using assisted walking aides. The last thing I want to do is weaken my whole body, so wherever you can and from whatever position you are in, try and do some form of active movement. It will keep your lymphatic system clearing itself for faster healing and remind your muscles how to keep burning fat for fuel and maintain tone and structure for the other parts of your body.
  4. Consider supplementing with rebuilding nutrients on top of your diet for faster functional repair or pain management: silica, boron, vitamin c, zinc, proline, serine, arnica, Californian poppy, Jamaican Dogwood, magnesium, omega 3 oils and protein fortified with collagen. Much of this can be blended into combination formulas for ease of administration.  Always check with a professional before starting any supplemental program and advise your medical practitioner that you are taking supplements with all conditions.

Remember, staying positive is a key component to the best healing journeys, regardless of where they end for you…

Sometimes You Have to Break it For it To Come Together Again


Good Morning on this lovely Saturday ! This is a particularly longer blog piece and I make no apology for that. This piece contains thought provoking chunks!

Its mind boggling, sometimes, how life change shift and change around you so quickly. It never ceases to amaze me that in one moment you can be going about your business/busyness and in a few seconds later, you’re on your proverbial screeching in pain, wondering what just happened…and on the precipice of a new chapter in life.


Accidents are no accidents some say, and last Saturday - I had a ‘no - accident’. After coming home from a surf comp with my daughter, I started busily cleaning up in preparation for a reorganisation of a section of my home, which I am still settling into after the move a few months back (July).

A part of my home had some termite damage which was minor, but still yet to be remediated - including a bottom stair to my garage which threatened to trap the foot of a couple of others prior to mine. The term ‘coming a gutser’ is literally how I went down, and the first twist of the foot was instantly telling me I had done some damage, but the following recoil with twice the velocity, was the telltale that I indeed, became a victim of my undone to do list.


Following an excruciating journey on my butt from the scene of my ‘oopsy daisy’ to the lounge to wait for transportation to arrive in the form of my incredibly supportive partner Paul - who was on the 18th hole at the time - I began my treatment protocol immediately in the form of high potency Arnica. It was the first thing I hollered for after my phone and thank goodness I did as not only was it brilliant in settling the intensity of the pain down, I also settled mentally very quickly too (it is great for shock and trauma both physically and emotionally).

Having regained my faculties for a moment, I observed an interesting twist in my thoughts (pun totally intended) about what was happening around me. Here’s how it went:

1.I knew instantly that I had sustained some decent damage if not ligament wise, in the form of a fracture judging by the sounds I heard emanating after each directional twist aforementioned. I also knew I had to get my head around being off my feet for sometime in the near future, despite my ever growing to do list of jobs around the house and my business.

2.I also knew that the ‘no - accident ‘ may have been avoidable had the stair gotten fixed, and that I could have called an ambulance and not had to wait for Paul, had I gotten to changing that subscription over to my new address - one of the items still on my to do list - but that that is not what this is all about.

3. In knowing point 2, I then realised that this incident was bigger than all that anyway, and it represented not the annoying interruption to my previous direction and planning in life, but more so a redirection of change, forced by rest and reset.

4.In coming to terms with point 3 whilst waiting for Paul to arrive, I started to get a little interested, if not excited, in where this forced rest was going to take me. You see, at the bottom of my to do list was to shift around how I work to allow me to create a new balance of working and playing/resting where I can reach more people globally…

5.Had I stuck to my to do list and finalised remediation of those stairs and I didn’t experience enforced rest and redirection from that stair, something else would have happened to ‘slow me down’ as it was obviously in my future to do so.

6.Once I had gotten ‘comfortable’ with my elevated limb, it was time to turn the to do list upside down and start at the bottom - because everything else on that list required an abled body person to complete them…except the last one - to write more content and programs for online engagement with my audience.

7.My old to do list was actually slowing me down and distracting me away from reaching my goals and dreams, not taking me closer to it!

Simply put, this has been a fantastic shift in direction already, a little painful - but what pertinent life changes aren’t?


Going against what was already in motion for me was useless. My daughter and I were due to leave in a few days to Newcastle for a major surf competition, and I was in no way going to be able to drive her. There’s no point grieving that fact, it just had to be accepted and alternative arrangements must be made, or pull out of the comp.

I had a lot of rearranging to do, and a new era was dawning on us both where she would have to become more independent (14years) and step up to help me out with all the finer details of running a house and caring for someone else, and I would have to let her. My learning has become her learning and together we have navigated artfully through this blip on our radar, and incredible things have transpired as a result.

Instead of being overly anxious and worried about leaving me and embarking on this away comp without me by her side, she was looking happily forward to going (partly because the caring role is just not quite her cup of tea and a break was needed). This is where for us, my break became our lucky break! From this day forward, her approach to everything will change as it relates to my being there to make things right! Another amazing outcome to a break in my transmission is she will have worked out how to do this for herself.

Currently she is travelling with some kick ass friends, having never done this before without me. Most of the prep she had to do herself with a little direction from me, whilst attending to my needs as well. She has been amazing and has done me proud - there is no mistaking that. We are very close however lately I had started to feel the need to encourage a few snips of the apron strings to allow me to focus on other things.


This ‘no-accident’ has certainly served its purpose. She competes today, without her mother nibbling her ear off, without our routine pre heat prep and little sign we do to each other (inspired by Finding Nemo) and without the familiar surroundings of her home to offer her comfort.

I on the other hand have learned to embrace deep rest, time out in stillness, allowing help to come my way and graciously accept it, and to experience a whole new level of love and companionship that I had to date, never known.

This ‘no-accident’ was most definitely put here on purpose!

My healing is well and truly underway and with very little pain medication (2 doses only) so my fracture recovery program is going well so far. I’ve never had to do this for myself, but I am first hand experiencing the benefits of natural therapies in supporting the body’s natural healing.

For those who are in need of natural fracture or soft tissue recovery solutions after 'no-accidents', I am releasing my program shortly - please keep an eye on my website for further information on this and many other online programs coming your way soon!

Are You Getting Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C-onnection?

Good Glorious Saturday to you!

It is a simply magical day here on the Gold Coast and it's a perfect day to get out and experience what our beautiful environment has to offer and share it with other groovy humans hanging around you. If you live in a different hemisphere when you wake to read this, what will your plans be for your weekend of catching up with friends and family? When we think about health programs we often think about diet and exercise with a few supplements thrown in. Today's piece is devoted to the health benefits we receive when we experience joyful connections with other humans.

I was speaking with a rep the other day and we were discussing the surge of younger generation practitioners in our field and she mentioned that there is a surge of Naturopaths ONLY running virtual clinics, where your consultations are operated from an online or telephonic platform and there is no actual human contact. I won't get into my professional opinion on this topic of our chat as there are some situations where remote contact is the only contact a patient can have with their practitioner, but what is obvious in our community of youth in general, is a lack of compassionate human interaction.

Thanks to the introduction to technical communication devices, a penchant for screen addiction, increases in processed food ingestion, increases in exposures to environmental toxins and genetically induced nutrient and hormonal processing flaws that succumb to expression in these environmental factors, our youth across the general population don't know what they are missing out on.

Science shows us that wonderful and powerful chemical changes happen in our body when we experience lovely moments with humans, animals and natural environments otherwise known as green spaces. These changes are vitally important for our body to experience on a regular basis for optimal health and wellbeing. These health gains include:

1. Surges of the hormone oxytocin which plays a role in social bonding, empathy and anxiety, lowers sodium levels which can improve elevated blood pressure, regulates the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis that regulates the stress response. Interestingly the receptor for this hormone requires cholesterol and magnesium to operate effectively and we don't just produce it around childbirth.
2. Affectionate tendencies increase and evasion tendencies wane - we literally get a high from the interaction and vow to do it again (because it feels so good)
3. Creativity starts to flow and an 'excitement to be alive' rises
4. The neurotransmitter dopamine is produced which contributes to the ability to empathise with others, lowering anxiety and increasing motivation
5. Negative ions are experienced from exposure to green spaces which have positive impact on our psyche - the more grounding we experience with direct contact on the earth (grass, dirt, sand and water) - the more grounded we become in our approach to problem solving and stress management.
6. Pheromone interactions occur to assist with attraction to others and our sense of wellbeing.
7. Intuitive power increases with our ability to read the environmental changes of the others around us which offers powerful insights into decision making, danger interpretation and subtle shifts in energetics around that to signal a favourable or non favourable space to remain in.

Connecting with others is good for our health as it helps us to adapt to survive and evolve - the success of your future personal and business plights may well rely on it!
If you are having challenges with your connection to other humans, consider the health benefits of EFT or tapping which extend beyond stress management and anxiety as a beneficial tool for self support. Not only is EFT a touch therapy, it is also a clinically proven method to supporting the emergence from uncomfortable emotional patterns and habits. I am offering one on one EFT sessions in the clinic where we can explore the many blocks to personal progress you may be experiencing right now. Go to the consultations page and book your session online. Mention BLOG in the notes of your booking and receive a free TAPPING journal, BIODOT and guide card.