How to Implement Change in Children

Good morning young and old!

We are in a period of time where children are very different today than they were 50 years ago.

There is no doubt in my mind that children in the 2000's are missing out on the jewels of simplicity that the children in my generation had the luxury of experiencing. In fact, much research has been done on the stark differences between the youth of today and the baby boomers, and it is widely known that our children in 2018 are growing up fast in a highly complicated world, comparatively speaking.

Our kids today belong to the generation of potentially over stimulated, under nourished, over fed, technically savvy, energetically sensitive, attention deprived and genetically mapped by science and modified by diet group of offspring that no other generation before it has ever been. Potentially...

One thing that is remarkably akin to all children in this generation however, is the ability to adapt very quickly once they understand the layout of the land. This can be both an ally and enemy, as they are extremely fast at getting bored with their environment, and skipping important developmental steps in learning as a result. Delayed gratification, self correcting and self discipline skills for example are commonly absent in the generation before them, and this can herald a similar pattern in our youth of today.

Whilst adaptation is the key to survival, one crucial step is often overstepped in our children of 2018...

The ability to fully connect with nature, other humans, property and in some cases animals, in a respectful and self healing manner.

For this reason, implementing change in children can be tricky to navigate. Connection is the key to most imbalances in the mental and emotional plane, and being connected to another person's feelings, line of thinking, physical discomfort and body language changes, allows us humans to read the environment we are in, in preparation for adaptation.

Our children are bombarded with so much 'noise' that these senses are becoming harder to sharpen than ever before. Instinct and intuition may well be a lost sense unless connection is achieved.

The beautiful thing about this however, is that it doesn't take much to reconnect, and therefore, for change to happen. To encourage a child in 2018 to implement change, is to entertain their inherent intelligence and estimate exactly what they find useful to help them adapt. Once they are equipped with that, its all about using the right tools to get the job at hand done.

For example, if a child is required to make dietary changes to help them achieve a health outcome, but are commonly resistant to changing their diet for anything, having them be part of the implementation process using their own technology may be the way through the resistance.

Here are my tips for helping your 2018 child adapt to necessary health changes:

1. Go slow to start with and explain the steps they need to take that line them up with the goals they are hoping to achieve eg clearer skin may mean less sugar intake and more skin cleansing routine, and achieving clearer skin will bring more self confidence, less stress, and better feelings.
2. Use their lingo - kids have, for every generation, developed their own lingo. Try to tap into that and bring their language into your reasonings behind their expected change.
3. When implementing supplements, bring low dosing in first and build. Aim for slow administration so that flavours and textures can be better tolerated for the long term if that is required and recommended by their practitioner. With liquids and powders, try making those into jelly, ice blocks and smoothies. Powdered supplements can be taken over the course of a day vs in two distinct doses if that is easier - as long as the dosing gets in (In most cases) for the day, this can be a great way to drip feed their health empowering herbs and nutrients.
4. Ensure your intention to have changes implemented, is strong, clear and focused - the moment a window of opportunity appears to relax the routine, children will take that as a clear message that they have permission to derail the efforts you are making to turn a health concern around. If in doubt - decide.
5. Incorporate technology into their health program - after all it is their modus operandi for doing anything these days. Help them research apps and websites, social media groups and blogs that help find more solutions to their health. The app of the year for example was one called CALM...this would be a perfect one for them to upload.
6. Connect - let them know they are not on their own with this journey - that you are joining them in their quest to be healthier, fitter, well and vital.
7. Bring them back to nature, simplicity, resting, trusting their intuition and following their heart.

Remember, although this generation are equipped already with the seemingly answers to everything, they don't have the wisdom of time and experience that you have...back yourself and their ability to change...

PS: I have a great referral for kids boxing classes if you would like to introduce your millennial child to a good old fashion form of exercise, focus and discipline.

Do Your Children Thrive or Just Survive a Day?

Good Bright and Sunny Saturday!

For the most part, our little children are energetic little fireballs who constantly need reminding on how to channel their energy into constructive ways vs destructive one. The energy that children naturally have is often marvelled at by the adults around them...until they start to grow up and seemingly slow down and 'become lazy'.

Exercise is Necessary for Mental Health

Energetic children from 13 years old onwards are commonly seen in the sporting and athletic representation of the species, however your child doesn't have to be good at sports to use exercise as a way through to better health and vitality.

In fact, for the more academic children, embracing some regular exercise is often where the balance lies for their wellbeing. If your child loves to sit and study, ready, create and reflect - body movement is vital in keeping their lymphatic system cleaning itself up on a daily basis. Even 15 minutes of movement daily can wake up circulation to the brain and keep that academic flow going.

If your child is a study bunny, and experiencing trouble with keeping mental flow going - encourage them to get up from the books and go for a burst of movement. The beauty about young bodies is that they don't need long periods of activity to get the ball rolling again, but the timing of the activity is crucial.

If You Could Bottle It...

If you could put the benefits of exercise in a bottle and give it to your children every day, you would be achieving the following benefits within 20 min of a dose:

Pain Relief - soothing endorphins are circulated quickly in a child's body during movement - particularly if the movement is not putting extra stress on injured parts - this is most important to assess before a child undergoes activities
Anti-Inflammatory - up to a point where exercise can become inflammatory depending on duration and intensity, the anti inflammatory effects of exercise can be felt very quickly
Antioxidant promoting - the body protects itself from damage under certain conditions, including exercise
Stress relieving - problem solving is often improved following and even during exercise
Mood stabilising - my daughter comes out from a surf way happier than she was when she went in
Prebiotic - bacterial activity changes and the environment is favoured for great probiotic outcomes during and after exercise
Detoxifying - muscle contraction stimulates circulation and the movement of toxins around the body for better detoxification outcomes
Immune Support - exercise will improve immune responses due the hermetic (good for you) stress it puts on your system
Nootropic - this means that exercise increases mental cognition and motivation

For a child to thrive they need to 'feel' the surge of energy in their system. It is all too easy when faced with a challenge for a child to lay down, immerse into their devices and allow the problems of their fragile world to ruminate in their head.

For older children, regular and more lengthy rest periods are also needed for brain development, so it is important that they are allowed adequate time out as well as functional movement that hits all the benefits listed above.

I can highly recommend boxing for children as a fast activity to improve mood and fitness in the same session and have left a link below to a great class here on the Gold Coast for my local readers.

Finally, whilst exercise is extremely beneficial for children, combining that with a diet and supplemental program that also offers similar outcomes as the beneficial points above can be very powerful indeed. If you would like your child to thrive, not just survive - let's get together and map out a plan that will really see them pumped for a great future!

Age Defying Health Decisions

Good Morning on this Gloomy Saturday

Some of the best decisions you can make are the ones that contribute to slowing down degeneration in your body...there -I said it.

We make many decisions on a day to day basis that impact our lives and none are so important as the ones we make that drive our choice of food, beverage, movement, attitude and rest.

The small habits we pass off as harmless are often the ones that over time, do the most harm. Habits like regularly dehydrating ourselves from inadequate water intake coupled with drinking diuretic drinks like coffee and black tea. The coupling effect is usually what creates the imabalance in this example.

Here are my top best decisions for your health that you can make that may also slow down the ageing process...

1. Keep positively hydrated daily
2. Choose a clean omega 3 oil and consume it daily
3. Include 3-4 varieties of green vegetables daily
4. Commit to frequent exercise or movement that is not work or housework related - movement that mobilises your joints, not inflames them, and makes you smile!
5. Avoid regular pastry, sweet and baked goods consumption - especially if you have them in a daily routine now.
6. Consider the healing benefits of hydrotherapy and explore the many ways of incorporating it into a healthy lifestyle.
7. If your stamina and endurance for usual household chores is waning, consider longevity herbs, Co Enzyme Q 10, Resveratrol, Magnesium and B Vitamins as a way to spark up your cellular energy.
8. Get some sun exposure to your abdomen and inner thighs for 10 min a day.
9. Be kind to your mind- feed it a positive personal position diet everyday- gratitude is a great attitude.
10. Find something to have a great belly laugh to- it’s a great hormone balancer!

So get on with it and don’t let the old person chasing you catch up!

*For Age Defying lifestyle and supplement programs drop us a line and we can get you ahead of that line!

Don’t Become a Crash Test Dummy from Your Health Choices

Good Glorious Saturday

I am writing from the Sunshine Coast as my daughter embarks on her campaign to earn points in the QLD State Titles for Surfing. I love travelling for her sport, it takes us to all kinds of new destinations and it gives me an opportunity to test my health out! After all it takes resilience and vitality to drive distances, set up camp/hotel room, create a comfy home away from home for a nervous teen who takes this very seriously and maintain business and self focus for me. Nearing the age of 50 reminds me that some health checks may be in stall. How about you?


There are milestones over the year that can help to prompt a check in on our health signs and symptoms, progress, decline or deviation. I like to recommend to my patients, who are in otherwise good health (without an active focused program to resolve an issue) and looking for the 'heads up', to use points along the year to do check in tests. Some of these milestones that could prove to be lifesaving in some cases may be:

* Christmas and New Year
* End of Financial Year
*.Start of new Financial Year
* Change of season
* Your birthday
* The first day of the month
* The last day of the month
* Start of school term
* End of school term
* Easter
* April Fools Day
* Wedding Anniversary
* Major birthdays for major age related testing (30, 40, 50, 60 etc)

The opportunities to set regular checks for yourself are endless and leaves little room for excuses to overlook minor health problems that could become major ones. This is where preventative medicine really plays a role in your life.


Many patients of mine love to know what is going on in their bodies and this can be achieved in a number of different ways:

1. Using an investigative question and answer approach to unravel historical events that may have triggered their health changing
2. Performing in clinic testing methods to back up observation notes, history notes and to separate one diagnosis from another
3. Discussing at length the nuances of your signs and symptoms that they diarise or present with in clinic
4. Reviewing previous test results to look for patterning in health changes.
5. Food diarising and reviewing for macro and micro nutrient accountability that can lead to longer term health impacts - (Keep an eye out for the Good Food magazine article I am featured in soon on this subject)

By doing this, you avoid 'running into' surprise health outcomes as your body will give some preliminary signs that something is on the horizon so that you don't need to be a crash test dummy for your health and find out too late that something is about to come up!

Remember - you don't need to wait for something to happen to maintain great health and longevity for your body - set some milestones up that work for you and lets tailor a review process that spans the year for you!


Alcohol is Hot Stuff

Good morning!

It’s a foggy Winter’s day in the Gold Coast - exactly what you’d expect for a Mid June day. Have you noticed how life throws all kinds of unexpected events just to see how you respond?

In the past weeks and despite all the best laid plans, I’ve had small postponements on getting the clinic space ready for trade on Monday - so it will be a Wednesday ‘soft’ opening instead.

I like that word soft - it allows for anything that needs to be there, to just be there. It’s given me permission to be a little less self critical for not meeting ALL the deadlines I’ve set out to achieve in the lead up.

So this week, and after 14 years of aiming at the target of working from a home based clinic, I will be operating from the new premises which I’ve been working on between my usual commitments.

There’s also been a family illness and passing in amongst all of this. I’ll drop anything and everything for my family when they need me - it’s just what I do. It’s also part of this time of my life.

Last year I hosted a seniors wellness event for one of my corporate clients and had the pleasure of introducing Costa Georgiadis from the ABC Gardening Australia show as the guest speaker.

Costa had just lost his father a few weeks before the event after years of caring for him. He spoke of the division between our seniors, their children and their grandchildren.

He said the seniors were the wise ones, their children (my age) were the workers who care for both children and senior parents, and the children who posssess the potential to lead the world.

My take home message was that this time of my life is all about putting in the hard years. It’s also a reminder to take better care of my body as this is the time it potentially ages faster under the weight of stress and lifestyle choices.

This time is also where menopausal changes begin to present in the form of flushing and my noticeing of this in speaking with my patients is that alcohol and flushing do not go well together.

For our men, heating of the body from stress and alcohol can load up the body with unnecessary inflammation.

The problem is that most adults in the worker time of life use alcohol as a crutch which is not ideal maintenance for an ageing hard working body.

My recommendations are to moderate your alcohol intake to half of what you usually do and commit to two consecutive nights minimum of no alcohol intake at all - just to let your body cool down.

The next step along from there is to have a complete alcohol retreat and chill right out.

If ever you want to challenge is the time to do it.

*There are many nutrients that can support your body if you need to cut the attraction to any substance. We have comprehensive dietary, mind support and nutritional support programs available.

Contact us here for more information.

For new clinic details send us an email and we will send you a new pack for some exciting offers we are opening with!

The Hormone Party You Don’t Want An Invite To


Good Morning

This blog comes from Melbourne this weekend as I attend the International Congress of Natural Medicine devotes this year to the topic of reproductive hormones and mast cell activation syndrome- recently found to be linked together.

Usually mast cell involvement is connected to histamine release related to allergies like hay fever and eczema. We are now seeing the release of histamine also involved in the development of reproductive diseases like endometriosis and adverse menopausal symptoms.

Hormones are chemical messengers - they deliver information to other organs and tissues that report the state of health of another part of the body.

If you have a chemical storm going on every menstrual cycle, a history of allergies and a family history of thyroid disease or imbalance - which is quite a commune combination of events - you may need to adopt a multifunctional approach to achieve a calm and predictable cycle. Let’s hafe a quick look at some stats - because these are not concerns that just hit women.

PCOS - 20% of women are considered to have poly cystic ovarian syndrome
70% of these women are currently still undiagnosed

1:20 Australian men are infertile from biological causes linked back to the endocrine health of their grandmothers and mothers

BPA found in plastics were found in the urine of 93% people tested - BPA and BPS are known endocrine Hormone disrupters.

1419 known endocrine disrupting chemicals are currently listed on the TEDx website - most of these are found in modern day households

Not only do we produce hormones - we are ingesting, breathing and bathing in them. Not only are hormonal problems a female exclusive health concern- our men are just as vulnerable to receiving an invitation to that party.

If you suspect you or someone you love is experiencing Hormone influenced health concerns - show them this email and invite them to make an appointment so we can navigate the labyrinth of Hormone health together.

Have a super weekend


Are You Flu Bound This Winter?

Good Wet and Cool Saturday!

This blog comes to you as the rains fall on the Gold Coast and the familiar sound of sniffling noses, chesty coughs and aching bodies ring through my ears after a week of flu management with a higher than usual number of patients for this time of year.

The season is upon us and like each year, I watch and wait for the pattern of presentation that comes with this ailment. Some coughs are different than others - some are wet, some are dry, some change from one end of the day to the other and some are productive and some are not. Its this time of the year that my homeopathic dispensary gets a real workout due to the flexibility of applying a remedy that best fits this changeability of symptom presentation. Flu symptoms all change from person to person and season to season in their intricacies but generally - the usual gamut appear. Time at work is lost, stress levels elevate from that and if you are in a multiple person household, it is common for the virus to make tracks from one to the other.

So how do we prevent the virus from invading and if it gets a hold, how can we alleviate the duration and severity of symptoms? Many would suggest to get a flu vaccination and all is covered, however that is not the case for the wide population - if your immune system is lax, it is likely the vax won't help much at all.

A number of factors must come together for you to contract a flu virus - these are:

1. Exposure via droplet infection through sneezing or coughing, saliva transferance from kissing or sharing items like cups and toothbrushes (who does that anyway!).
2. Lowered immune response from stress, repeated infections, low microbiome strength, poor nutritional status, high toxicity levels and dehydration.
3. Compromised immune systems such as in cancer and chemotherapy treatments, intensive care patients, new born babies and chronically ill people - such as in the elderly.

Some of the best ways to prevent the flu from catching you include:
1. Keep active and exercise regularly to keep your lymphatic system from getting congested and sluggish.
2. Eat a wide variety vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C - capsicum, citrus, custard apples, potatoes, broccoli, kakadu plum, berries and parsely
3. Support your microbiome with an immune focused probiotic strain and foods that feed the good bacteria like - garlic, onion, legumes, berries, wholegrain cereals
4. Find your happiness centre - despite stressful times - try to rise above the downward spiral of emotion the cooler months can bring due to lowered Vitamin D promoting UVB rays in the sun's light. This can contribute to shifts in your mood, and your hormones that hold up your immune system can drop accordingly.
5. Stay well hydrated all the day - hot water, cool water, low or zero caffeination and clear broths and soups are ideal.
6. Consider a herbal preventative - I can create a great tonic for you and the family to sip on throughout winter that will bring a great deal of immune support to your body.

Flu prevention homeopathic kits are also available in the clinic so get started now and stay well protected!


Have You Found Your Inner Child?

Good chilly Saturday morning!

First I wanted to wish all you amazing mums a very happy and restful Mother’s Day for tomorrow.

The title of this blog is mostly for you.

Being a Mum often means putting yourself last on the list when it comes to your basic needs like eating a meal or resting. Even a routine toilet break can be put on hold for unnaturally acceptable timeframes.

When you are mothering - are you still in touch with that playful and awe inspired little girl in you, who dreams to move freely and creatively like a dancer who has the music in them?

Or do you trudge through your day in a messy rush just getting through the mental to do list, consistently judging yourself for not getting it all done?

As mums we often forget to play and to rest fully for a few moments so that we can take stock and put our lives into perspective again. We don’t need much but we do need it. A little reminder can go a long way for a busy caregiver.

Finding your inner child also to Me means tapping back into those moments when you’re younger, where wholesome food was all we had to get us by - so we ate it and went back out to play.

Little did we know our parents back then were showing us how to appreciate the crunch of an apple, the snap of a carrot stick and the juicy ooze of ripe orange.

Go find your inner child, give her a piece of fruit or some sticks of vegetables, encourage her to grab a big drink of water and go back out and play. You haven’t lost her.

She’s still in there.


I will relocating the clinic to a new address from 1st July 2018. To keep up to speed with the details of the new clinic, please follow us on Facebook at Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies @wisehealthyliving for address updates and new offers.

Also here is a link to an awesome kids boxing class which just may be your saving grace one day...

Where is My Fatigue Coming From?

Good Morning!

How are you feeling today? Is your energy and focus on point this weekend or are you exhausted from a draining week?

We feel fatigue from a number of different of possible causes however the problem with fatigue and a drop in our focus and concentration is that it gets in the way of the energy required to fix it! Somewhere in there though, lies the solution. To cut the sleepy cycle with some action.

Let's first investigate where this drop in energy and swing away from focus is coming from.


When something is not going so well in our personal lives, the drain on your energy is somewhat immediate - especially if you are trying to ignore or put these feelings aside. The energy drain there is quite palpable. It's amazing what happens to our energy once we allow the free flow of our emotions vs trying to hold them back. Its also incredible what happens to our focus and concentration when we have released the emotional plug and can get back into the work at hand. Emotional fatigue is not always adrenal fatigue - however the level of stress output we chemically engage in during emotional fatigue can impact on our adrenal hormones quite profoundly. This type of fatigue is best remedied by a commitment to 'drop resisting it and go with it'.


Nutrition is usually the first place we look at when we are looking for reasons why our bodies are slowing down and not performing. Quite easy to remedy when identified, the main nutritional reasons why we can fall into fatigue and a lack of focus include but not limited to:

Iron deficiencies
Zinc deficiencies
B Vitamin deficiencies
Magnesium deficiencies
Poor hydration
Poor gluten metabolism
Fluctuations in blood glucose
Excess of alcohol and sugar
Sluggish digestive absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins

Not everyone will be affected the same way with these kinds of fatigue faux pas but it is a good place to check in on across the usual lifestyle of a tired person. When in doubt, check this out - but if its fine, check the emotional line too.


In our approach to supporting someone who is fatigued consistently, we mustn't over look the impact of past viral infections. Viruses have a particularly effective way of creating an ongoing level of low grade fatigue where the body just never feels like it is the same as before the virus hits. Addressing post viral fatigue syndrome is important soon after the initial symptoms have passed. To leave it longer than 6 months is to elongate the overall recovery to almost as good as before. Herbal medicine, Co Enzyme Q10, medicinal mushrooms and rest are optimal here.


Social fatigue covers everything from partying too hard too often, to being over crowds and constant flow of visitors to just simply needing 'own space' to ground and come back to yourself in.
Like our friend here in the picture, sometimes we just need to hibernate.

Enjoy your time and take care of the many areas that fatigue can spring from...

What Is The Easter Bunny Bringing You?

Good morning and welcome to the last weekend in March, inching closer to another annual milestone - Easter.

We have those blocks of holidays and breaks that herald adventure, celebration and a variety of changes in food and alcohol intake, that also potentially set us up for a constant year in, year out cycle of poor eating habits.

The Easter time is particularly fraught with danger as it is the first celebration after Christmas and New Year that we mark in the calendar of things to do for fun, in the name of letting the hair down. Come the March/April time of year, we have endured the first quarter of the year, and its about now the that the new year shine is well and truly worn off, making way for our stress management defaults to take over.


The regular pattern you employ on your usual week of work, that helps you cope with the events of your life, will set you up for either a great deal of stamina and endurance (physical, mental and emotional) for the year, or rob you of it.

If you employ any of the following stress management defaults and are less than satisfied with your level of calm and vitality, it may be time to set a new default:

Drinking coffee in search for energy - coffee will not supply true energy, in fact it can often rob you of solid grounded energy used to make great decisions

Consuming alcohol for the purposes of relaxation and relieving tension from the working week - there are many other more healthy ways to achieve this. I recommend you limit your intake if you are particularly stressed and instead, bring in more exercise to combat tension

Sitting in front of a screen and dumbing down when you haven't incorporated any exercise that day at all - sitting is inflammatory - so is depression and anxiety so it is not surprise to see that exercise can relieve the two conditions

Tolerating poor sleep patterns and low energy as your new 'normal' - neither of these phenomenon are acceptable healthy practices to adapt to - maybe its time to do put into place a 'Better Sleep/More Energy' program for a few weeks to help hit the reset button!


We have an opportunity to moderate or blow out at this time of the year - so this year what is the Easter Bunny bringing you?

For those of us who don't have a handle on our sugar cravings, this is a tricky time of the year - where sugar intake is particularly high. As we age, our bodies don't get any more efficient at processing insulin in response to glucose as it enters the blood stream after ingestion. Couple that with unchecked alcohol consumption and there is a recipe for ongoing inflammatory disease process, energy swings and cranky pants.

When you don't give yourself the gift of alcohol free days and regular exercise at this time of the year, by the time it takes to get back to work, your body is already spent. In stark contrast to the rest and rejuvenation on offer with a long weekend, public holiday, Easter getaway - this can often leave us heading into the next quarter of the year (where the financial year concludes and the end of year rush that requires you to be on your game takes its toll) in a state of foggy grumpiness.

Who wants any of that? I certainly don't.


Here are my top Easter Survival Tips for 2018:

1. Make sure you factor some lazy rest days in that are not only due to recovery from the night before - a morning walk, healthy breakfast followed by a lay down or book reading session is a great way to reset the adrenal glands from the stress response - especially if your legs are elevated!

2. Moderate your alcohol intake and drink water between each beverage - I often suggest using the herbal formulas for liver support along with a good probiotic to help keep things from detoxifying poorly.

3. Keep active and do something recreational - Easter is a great time of year to bush walk, paddle something, cycle or play beach and park ball games. This incidental exercise is fantastic way to regenerate your youthfulness

4. Factor in some meditation - especially if you are in an outdoor setting near the beach or bush. This break could be a great opportunity to kick off a great meditation habit by committing to sitting in stillness for 30 minutes each day.

Remember - this time of the year is a gateway to how you will coast through the rest of the year - whilst it is a wonderful time to party and play, you could also choose it to be a mini retreat opportunity too. Happy Easter and stay Safe!