How to Become Offensively Healthy

Good Morning!

Its a windy and sunny Saturday morning here on the Gold Coast, I've been up since 5am and tending to my active mind on my projects.  Its a busy head in there but it got me thinking about how people with habits they want to kick seem to detest those who have (or have never formed them in the first place).  More often than not, the vocabulary from the seemingly unhealthy one about the healthy one is offensive.  They actually sound offended by their counterpart's health.  I have even heard people say - "You can be too healthy you know"...yeah I laughed too.

Seriously though, when you reach a certain level of health you do have the energy and vitality to (by osmosis it would appear) - tick people off by your infectious giggling, high energy movements and big voices.  It can be off putting to those who are in a lowered state of vitality - however I would have also thought it would be inspiring or at the very least - thought provoking for those with habitual health detracting practices.  Unfortunately, this is the exception and not the rule.

Well, for those of you who seek a higher level of pizazz and functionality - even productivity - in your life, I say go get offensively healthy!  Be a detective on how to achieve an even higher state of health than the one you operate on currently. Be annoyingly vital and love doing it!

Here are my 5 tips on how to become offensively healthy:


  1. Find a new health tip a week and give it a go for a week (as long as it is safe to do so - for example don't do enemas for a week!)
  2. Explore your fasting options and safety and give that a one day a week permission slip for a month.
  3. Research new markets to visit and find an exotic fruit or vegetable and learn how to prepare it, what is health properties are and put the food to good use!
  4. Master the art of deep stillness in your body and your breath
  5. Think of a new creative outlet that you have always wanted to do - even an adventure sport is a creative outlet if you let your mind think it is!

Remember - if you offend anyone along the way, its a good sign you are getting healthier!  Enjoy!