How To Become a Vision of Health

Good glorious Saturday to you!

Wow what a week, what a weekly! I’ve had all kinds of interesting things come across my field of thought and vision this week but the most exciting one for me is the knowing that this weekend I am devoting Friday to Sunday in learning a new/old skill to help patients with emotional challenges like cravings, phobias, OCD, anxiety, depression and so much more!

It is a real gift when you stumble across the best fit of education for the betterment of yourself and others AND that the education is delivered by a pioneer in their field - a real game changer - Dr Peta Stapleton. Her teachings on Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping (also known as Psychological Acupuncture) are exciting and life enhancing - and that’s putting it mildly! I resonate so deeply with this work so I will be offering it as a stand alone session to you in the clinic very soon. More on that later...

Becoming a vision of health is a solid statement of affirmation that you not only feel healthier within yourself - other people can see it too!

You would know that we can see by looking at you how your internal body is coping with your lifestyle and it’s many nuances. An iron deficient person can look pale, exhausted and sometimes a little blue on the lips. A hungover person probably looks similar with some shades of green mixed in there.

Nonetheless your presentation can give away how your body is feeling and if vanity is your thing- no amount of makeup and hairspray is going to completely conceal a dull eye, runny nose, worn out and overwhelmed shoulders, the pain of a toxic headache or sleep deprivation.  You actually have to check in with yourself and plan for a different approach to what you’re doing in order to look vibrant, healthy, vital, energetic, youthful and happy. You can’t fake that stuff at all.

Conversely when you are running around in a healthy body- EVERYBODY notices it! You can’t hide that either! How wonderful to have a consistent state of health that people around you notice in a positive way!

So to become a vision of health here are my top tips:

1. Get plenty of good quality sleep and aim for consistency here. If you’re not - make that a new priority for the rest of this year or next. This is at number 1 for a very good reason.

2. Embark on a week eating just plant foods - vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouts, legumes, fermented, raw, steamed and grated.

3. Spend a week treating your skin to daily sand scrubs followed by a quick dip in the sea to wash off. Super glowing benefits there!

4.  Check in on your breathing - is it slow and full or short, shallow and rapid? Your dull hue could be a lack of good circulating oxygen.

5. Avoid alcohol for the 5 days you are doing the plant foods. What’s 5 days in the scheme of things?

6. Plan something to do or somewhere to go that you will really look forward to. Get excited about something!

7. Come along to my Vision Boards for 2018 workshop (see link) and spend a few hours in a beautiful and inspiring setting to build a goal solidifying canvass for a bright and vibrant 2018! I will be incorporating a tapping technique for goals in this along with various small Meditations to get your intentions flowing!


SEE you there!