Become Your Own Commentator

Good morning all

I was having a very deep and intelligent conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about the job positions we have held, the training we have done and the work experiences that have formulated our current careers and passions.

During the course of the conversation my friend revealed that one of the courses undertaken was a driving commentary education. This is where during the drive - much like learning how to drive without the dual controls, the instructor is monitoring how you commentate on everything that happens on the road around you, your actions within the car and anything else you notice about your drive.

By speaking out to yourself about your actions and observations it raises your awareness to the decisions you make on the road.

It came to me that this is much like the effect I am aiming for when I recommend to my patients to record their food and beverage intake.

Two Fold Benefit

It has a two fold benefit. One is that I get to see patterns in lifestyle choices that are likely to contribute to body reactions and health outcomes.

Secondarily it has a deeper message to the scribe - to be more mindful of the choices you make in eating and drinking, sleeping and exercising.

If you are at a loss at the expense of your subconscious habits, write down, voice record or video log everything you eat, drink, your sleep patterns, your daily routine and your exercise choices as well as the decisions you are making about doing those things.

Health commentary can be very useful as a self correcting tool and it just takes 24 hours of recording to highlight your chosen habits.

It’s just a small piece of time for a great start on your health journey.

If you would like for me to critique your recording for health advice, reply to this blog mail and we can dissect it together for a focused outcome for you!