BREAKING – News Overload May Be A Factor In Disease

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Sometimes news headlines just grab your attention and make you constructively think about the current affairs of your world and your place in it.

Sometimes they leave you feeling inspired and in awe.

And then there are the other times that leave you feeling overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions that create a cocktail of chemistry inside your that you probably aren't even aware of.

The impact of reading, hearing, talking and wondering about the majority of today's news for some can result in a drained and fatigued, somewhat distracted state of being.  I've known of very sensitive patients to miss out on hours of sleep following hearing of news events and others that wake with a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach with the thought of what they may hear on the tabloids that day.

Indeed, the very sensitive people around us aren't the weak, they are often the antennae for those of us who have hardened against life and who have forgotten to feel the impact of the actions of others on our own wellbeing.  Regardless of the type of person you are, y0ur flight and fight response is being engaged anytime your body registers fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelm.  This response is a highly inflammatory state of being, very toxic from a hormonal output and pushes processes in your body to peak perform before it is ready to.  This often means that when you NEED to peak perform (respond to work issues, think outside the box on a problem, be engaged and focused on the job for safety reasons) - your reserves are already drained or draining and it takes more effort to be back to peak again.

An influx of this chemistry in an already cardiac challenged person (atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, elevated homocysteine) for example, can be potentially health harming.  An influx of this chemistry in an already anxious and sleep challenged person is also a potential platform for further swings into anxiety and sleep interruptions.  Needless to say, none of this is a welcome visitor on any doorstep.  Even our sports news these days creates distress and discussion that starts the body off.

Here are my recommendations for a news headline detox to set the balance right again:

1. If you are a paper reader - scan the paper for the terror and trauma stories and either remove them first without reading or cross them out with a permanent marker.  This allows you to go back to reading the special interest and fun sections that are relaxing.

2.  Commit to hearing a 'bad news' piece once or once a week only. Engaging in the story over and over again can effectively wear you down, especially when you are sensitive to the impact or have a personal link to the story.  Sometimes we want to be informed with current topics, but we can also step out once we are up to speed too.

3.  Have a news detox, choose to read positive material, watch funny shows or movies or turn the TV off and listen to music or podcasts that contribute to your relaxation and inspiration.

4.  Give social media a swerve for a few days - it is amazing the impact this has on your body - eye strain from small screen watching, headaches and sleep disturbances later into the evening can be reversed in just a couple of days. A break on social media allows you the space to have self paced thoughts and feelings, not ones that are bought to you by the letters F and B.

5.  Get into the sunshine (vitamin D is great for depression and anxiety), sea or nature of some sort - this is a great way to wash out the cobwebs and enjoy the space around you - I find sometimes the news is coming in on me, so this is a great way to reverse this effect.

Remember - not everything in the news is necessary for you to know about or hear about for the ongoing success of your life - use it as a place of reference - not a place of residence.


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