Busting the Boxing Day Belly Bloat

Good morning and hopefully a successful Boxing Day survival for you all!

How is your body feeling today?  I know a lot of you may be feeling that distinct pressure in your abdomen that often comes with a few days of Christmas cheer and late nights.  The imbalance of your body's fine chemistry is an inevitable result of food combinations with bubbly carbonated beverages and the outcome for many is an uncomfortable bloated belly.

This is a sign that your gut bacteria is out of whack and can be the starting point for inflammatory bowel conditions if left unattended to.  This can also be a result of a slow emptying stomach at the top of your digestive tract, which can then lead to poorly digested foods and therefore fermentation of the worst kind.  In a healthy gut, foods are fermented in order to release nutrients and process toxins in preparation for elimination, however, in an unhealthy environment where large chunks of foods are trying to be chemically broken down rather than physically broken apart (as in well chewed food), this fermentation process becomes a battle of the bacteria.

As a result, the gas produced leaves you feeling full, bloated and big in the belly.  It can also be a sign that the yeast Candida is about to go on a holiday to all kinds of places in your body leaving you with other nasty symptoms - skin irritations, headaches, hot flushing, bad breath, mood changes, mucus production, urinary tract symptoms and so on.

Here are my tips for beating that Boxing Day belly bloat:

1.  Start your day with a large glass of water before you eat anything.

2.  If you are not hungry within half an hour of waking and this water intake, mix a little apple cider vinegar (1 tsp) in 100ml of water so that you can stimulate your digestive juices in preparation for food intake.

.3.  Eat slowly, chew completely, breathe deeply during your meals from here on in.  Remember to do this when you get back into the work routine to achieve a relaxed digestive tract, better food breakdown and optimal nutrient absorption.

4.  Consider digestive enzymes if you are particularly sluggish in the stomach - there are many formulas that can stimulate your own enzyme production or you can add enzymes in for a temporary solution.  Herbs that help with stomach emptying are ginger, peppermint, dandelion, gentian and meadowsweet to name a few.

5.  If you are bloated already, take some probiotic action and get that bacteria back up to speed.  I would suggest a double dose for  a few days to start with then back to normal dose.  Over this period, probiotics are an absolute MUST for surviving the Christmas belly beat up!

6.  Massage your belly in a clockwise direction in bed before you get up or just after you drink that large drink of water. The action of massage on a bloated belly can really move things along!

Remember - take measures now to ensure your New Year celebrations aren't marred by the post Christmas aftermath!  There is some real celebrating to do yet!

Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful start to 2015!

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