Butter up Before the Knife

Good morning to you!  I trust the week was a productive one and that you feel you've earnt some rest this weekend.  Make sure it happens - it is way to easy to keep pushing beyond your usual limits on the weekend and enter next week unrefreshed.  If your weekends are looking more like that - its time for a family meeting!

As some may be aware, my daughter is having a decent surgery next week - hence my absence from my clinic and most probably my phone for a few days too.  I thought it apt to give you some tips on how to prepare your body for a healthy surgical procedure - one that has minimised infection risk, bleeding difficulties and faster recovery times.  Next week's blog will be all about the recovery.  So let's butter up before the first slice is taken...

Most presurgical procedures are focused on the 12-24 hours prior to the operation - mostly around fasting instructions.  Certain foods cannot be consumed prior to surgery due to the consistency and rate of clearing that food through your stomach.  Food in the digestive organs close to you going under a general anaesthetic is dangerous - if you start to vomit or regurgitate under anaesthetic, your body is less able to cough or expel the foreign items potentially blocking your airway, so best to take this step seriously.

In the week to two weeks leading into surgery however, there is a lot you can do to prepare your body.  Anaesthetic, antibiotic and pain relief are common medications used before, during and after surgery and medically - particularly in small children - these are wise steps.  As an adult you can always choose your pain relief.  The reason I support this is that I know any other time, my child doesn't usually have these medications in our usual life, so I know they will be effective short term measures to protect her during the first 24 - 48 hours of post surgical risk of infection. Not to mention her surgery is in the mouth and hip and these are two areas very prone to bacterial infection. However - I am preparing her with a daily cocktail of the following nutrients and herbs to get her body ready to fight as well:

1.  High strength probiotic formula alongside her Super Kids Food daily fermented foods.

2.  Medicinal mushrooms (Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps and Coriolus) to give her immune system a super boost but also reduce platelet stickiness and therefore her risk of clotting.

3.  Vitamin C - a great antioxidant formula I use therapeutically to also offer Bioflavanoid protection for rebuilding torn tissue, assist with toxin removal, provide free radical barriers and immune boosting zinc, Vitamin A and Lipoic Acid.

4.  Homoepathic Aconite - for those fears, anxieties, head trips and worries - we are both taking that one!

5.  Protein shakes - for the necessary building blocks for her body to restructure faster the parts that are being worked on. Being a grafting surgery, her body needs to heal two surgical sites so her requirements for protein are very high!

6.  Massage and baths - to keep her nice and relaxed and align her musculoskeletal system so that it returns a great result for surgery. Over the year she has been having cranio sacral therapy to help with this as well.

Remember - certain supplements may need to be assessed for safety with your medication and pre surgical requirements from your anaesthetist and surgeon - it is always recommended to check with them first as well. Some do require you cease a supplements a week before but the research is scant on this one.  I do often recommend a cease fire of 24-48 hours for Vitamin C to allow it plenty of time to clear before anaesthetics are administered.

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