Become Your Own Commentator

Good morning all

I was having a very deep and intelligent conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about the job positions we have held, the training we have done and the work experiences that have formulated our current careers and passions.

During the course of the conversation my friend revealed that one of the courses undertaken was a driving commentary education. This is where during the drive - much like learning how to drive without the dual controls, the instructor is monitoring how you commentate on everything that happens on the road around you, your actions within the car and anything else you notice about your drive.

By speaking out to yourself about your actions and observations it raises your awareness to the decisions you make on the road.

It came to me that this is much like the effect I am aiming for when I recommend to my patients to record their food and beverage intake.

Two Fold Benefit

It has a two fold benefit. One is that I get to see patterns in lifestyle choices that are likely to contribute to body reactions and health outcomes.

Secondarily it has a deeper message to the scribe - to be more mindful of the choices you make in eating and drinking, sleeping and exercising.

If you are at a loss at the expense of your subconscious habits, write down, voice record or video log everything you eat, drink, your sleep patterns, your daily routine and your exercise choices as well as the decisions you are making about doing those things.

Health commentary can be very useful as a self correcting tool and it just takes 24 hours of recording to highlight your chosen habits.

It’s just a small piece of time for a great start on your health journey.

If you would like for me to critique your recording for health advice, reply to this blog mail and we can dissect it together for a focused outcome for you!

Are You Addicted Yet?

Good wet weekend to you all!

Well month one of 2018 is behind us and let me say this has been a roller coaster for yours truly. One particular moment in the month that has been poignant is the realisation of my own mortality following the passing of two lovely girlfriends - under differing circumstances.

One of these circumstances tragically involved a lethal addiction to alcohol which highlighted to me the relationship we build as adults to substances vs experiences to get us through the harsh reality of our sometimes difficult lives.

Substance Addiction is a Trap

There is no doubt about that. The direct hit on our brains that most substances achieve; to soothe a troubled mind, is potent and fast. Its no wonder we get attached to the feel good sensation of numbing out when things get tough.

For some this addicted brain is a genetic hand me down - for others its a starting point. For all of us - its a choice. Some will say they have no choice - it takes over before they know it and are at a loss at how to arrest it. Many more, however, will deny there is an underlying problem, and suffer along with their loved ones through the denial and further into destruction.

Common Thread

The common thread though amongst all substance addicted sufferers is an ever growing depletion of vital nutrients that feed a healthy brain so it can make healthy chemistry to support healthy choices on whether or not to go for the easy way through, or grow into a more life sustaining habit.

So are you addicted yet? To being the healthier version of yourself, or the substance supported version of yourself. To a freedom of choice or a restriction of decision making. To a vitality that only being substance free can give, or a sluggishness that addiction will offer? If you are living from one day to the next requiring something to pick you up, or slow you down - and it has no nutritional basis to supporting you - its time to review your health plan before you can't see life without it.

Fully Comprehensive Support Available

I am offering full nutritional and drug testing, repletion programs, Clinical EFT techniques and meditation sessions as a fully comprehensive approach to turning the addicted brain around. Whether it is sugar and caffeine, alcohol or cocaine, ICE or prescription medications - these techniques are well researched and have a strong foundation in life changing turn arounds. Let's talk about how we can support you and your family.


Vision Boards for Everyone - 29th April 2018

Tapping for Everyone - 27th May 2018
For further details go onto our Facebook page or check Eventbrite for tickets.

**See this link below for a great opportunity to increase your natural mood elevating endorphins and win free 6 months of Personal Training.

Is 2018 Your Year of Health or Procrastination?

Good morning and happy weekend!

I've had a lot of conversations with patients already this year and I see a theme forming which is a good sign. Many of our chats centre in on embarking on an early start to getting on top of niggling health problems that plagued their 2017 (or years before). It's almost like a line in the sand has been drawn between 2017 and 2018 and a decision to change is being firmed up.

I am a big fan of preventing disease vs reaction to disease and proactive health programs go a step closer to preventing an illness more than doing nothing at all ever will. Apathy is the enemy of proaction and for many, getting that out of the way is often the beginning of a successful health program.

Last year I trained under Dr Peta Stapleton in the psychological technique of Clinical EFT or Tapping. Tapping is a powerful and effective method of freeing oneself from emotional context - and in the health arena it has far reaching impact on habits, anxiety, self sabotage, pain, sport and school performance, obsessive patterns and so much more. Imagine if you had a gut problem but you were locked in emotionally to an eating habit that irritated your gut? Tapping can help to re-organise your brain to view the approach to eating you are taking differently, freeing you to make better choices and trusting your ability to stick to the new healthy habits. It is gentle and extremely effective when done correctly and well, and it is great for all ages including young children. Check out for some more information or call us for a session. I am also running an Exploring Tapping for Everyone and Anything workshop on 27th May 2018 if you would like to know more - check out our page on Facebook - Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies

If you want to make 2018 your healthiest year yet, here are my top 5 questions for you to answer honestly to start the journey back to your vitality where your body protects itself from disease:

1. How long have I been dealing with this issue so far? If its more than 12 months, its time to get a measured approach in line to turn it around or begin turning it around. Sometimes a health condition can take more than 12 months to complete the phases of healing.

2. Have I had the right people advise me on how to find solutions to my health problem and have they answered all my questions? It can be confusing trying to navigate through the best approach for your condition or state of health. Getting clear advise that includes a forward planning path to achieve greater levels of health 'next' is a good sign you are with the right practitioner who is actively taking your health seriously from a preventative perspective.

3. What have I tried so far and what worked/didn't work - and why? Ok a series of questions within one but it is important to know what has been tried before, how it helped or didn't and from there - what did you do next? This is where tapping can be helpful - unravelling the reasons behind falling off track and not getting back on - which is commonly the reason why things stopped working for you.

4. Am I battling a level of fatigue and lethargy that is under a 7/10 most days? If that is a yes, this rises to the top of attention levels when approaching your health. If your energy is consistently low, your immune system, detox system and digestive system will all be sluggish and puts your body in the arena of poor fight back capacity or poor disease surveillance capacity.

5. How many health sabotaging habits to I regularly have? Regularly relates to either daily or more than three times a week. By identifying your regular habits allow you to see them clearly and how they can be impeding your health - and more so which ones to target first for greater success impact.

Remember - the decision for a healthier 2018 rests with you alone, however you don't need to approach it alone. For more information on tapping and comprehensive or simple targeted health prevention please contact us at 07 55939145.


Good glorious morning to you!

We are on the home stretch for Christmas and gearing up for a fun start to the New Year and I know it’s been a hectic year to date for many.

This is a reminder to you to take a breather, ease into your days, keep well hydrated and fed and maintain a relaxed pace when you don’t need to be anywhere specific.

Keeping yourself ahead of the Christmas race is all about your breathing, your nutrition and your rest. If you can strategise to get that into a rhythm by minimising over commitments you will survive if not thrive through the silly season.

In light of this, I am opting for an at home Christmas and minimal travel which means I’ll be around for health support and plenty of rest on the menu. Your liver and digestive herbs are here to support your body through party time!

Im also holding a Vision Board workshop on 14th January which will make for a great Christmas Present (early bird is available till Christmas Day so get in early)! Gift vouchers can be arranged by post or email. This is a great activity to do with your friends, family, work team, teens and hens parties!

Heres is the link to the event:

My clinic days will be:

8th-16th December - away

18th - 22nd December - in clinic

28th-29th December - in clinic

4th-5th January - in clinic

8th, 9th, 12th January - in clinic

15th January onwards - usual clinic days

See you soon and have a great relaxing lead up to the big one!



Is Alcohol Keeping You Awake or Blacking You Out?

Good Saturday

What a stunning morning it is here on the Gold Coast.  How tragic would it be if you were battling the ''boohoos" from a big night out and couldn't face the light of day to enjoy it?  As humans we aren't all that smart when it comes to alcohol ingestion - we seem to forget that it hurt the last time we tied one on but will go back for another in the name of celebration or commiseration.  Alcohol is the only legal drug where one can get peer pressured when they choose not to drink it among their friends.  It affects parts of the brain that drives you memory, your speech, your motor skills and of course your liver as it processes the by-products of alcohol metabolism - which is actually the component that does most of the damage.

Although I am not a tee-totaller - I do enjoy a glass of the Tamburlaine Sauvignon Blanc with a meal and friends, I certainly do not drink every day and when I am in a lowered mood state.  It is then that alcohol will have more inflammatory affects as it mixes with stress hormones - not a good combination.  I am a big fan of regular AFD (alcohol free days) and in supporting your liver in processing alcohol with herbal medicine preparations (in tablet and not on an alcohol tincture) - even if you only have a little quantity.

You can't predict that this will happen every time you consume alcohol but as the night wears on after you stop drinking, your body may or may not handle the processing very well, and often (I find this happens to me) even after 1 glass of wine, your body could be waking or experiencing a light/flighty sleep in the wee hours of the morning due to drops in your blood sugar and dehydration from alcohol ingestion and processing.

Women tend to process  alcohol less effectively than men, and are more prone to black outs or complete memory lapses.  This is of course not a good sign and must be taken seriously as it can be an early indicator of brain damage or decline leading to more serious health concerns later on.

Of all the nutrients alcohol robs the body of, the B vitamins is the most affected - especially B1 (thiamine). Due to the loss of B Vitamins, processing of sleep hormones is often altered and although an alcohol fuelled sleep may see you dropping from consciousness to deep sleep initially, its the ability to stay asleep and enter REM sleep cycles that is hampered by a few drinks in some.  Circadian rhythm interruptions are common with alcohol ingestion and the Chinese medicine theories say the liver 'wakes up' between 1 and 3 am to process toxins - funnily enough a common time to wake from a ethanol induced sleep.

Alcohol can also block your breathing which is one of the reasons I suggest to sleep apnoea patients to seriously reconsider alcohol as part of their lifestyle.  They don't like me saying that, but it is a key factor in many sleep apnoea patient lifestyles.

Finally as alcohol acts as a diuretic and has to be excreted through your kidneys, a frequent bathroom stop may be required a few times to set the balance straight again.

My tip - if you are going to drink heavily over the festive season and into 2018 - support your brain and liver with herbs, B Vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Give Yourself The Gift of Time

Good morning on this rainy Saturday

This morning's topic is coming to in real time as I am currently experiencing this as I write.  I have had a really hectic few weeks - lots of wonderful things happening - but really time demeaning. None of it I wanted to avoid, reschedule, cut short or not turn up to - except towards this past week when I started to feel some pressure on what I was not getting attention on.

As we move closer towards the end of the year, this is the time where pre season burnout leading into Christmas season apathy is a very real possibility.  There is a lot to do, much to wind up and finish, many last minute annual decisions to make, events to attend and other people's stuff to deal with.  Its exhausting!

I was just in a quandary as to whether or not to attend a reiki and meditation workshop tomorrow or choose to stay at home for the 5 hours I would have taken out and get myself caught up after what has been a really demanding 8 weeks.  I know I would thoroughly enjoy the day, benefit from it greatly and come away feeling amazing...I would love to attend.  After all I recommend this very practice to my patients all the time so you can imagine the professional and personal guilt I could let myself experience today!

However, what is uppermost to my needs right now in this moment is to gift myself time in my home (that I have not been in and around much of late at all).   My business, family and extra curricular demands have seen me frequently run in and out with barely the time to clean up as I go, attend to important paperwork with my head in focus and pace my movements in a relaxed and languid way to remind me about the benefits of not rushing.

Even though I know meditation will buy me some deep relaxation, I know I have this thing mounting in front of me in the form of unattended home and admin jobs - that I know I would revert straight back to rushing to make up for the lost time.  Or would it?

Meditation is still part of my needs this weekend - and I will still afford myself some time to meditate over the next two days.  However, the gift to allow myself the time I was going to lose means I have already started to relax and I know I will set myself up to end the year in a way to enjoy the break coming up.  It is my burnout prevention process.

Remember - the next time you say yes to something, if you feel a little voice say a tiny 'not this time' - be honest, first with yourself and then whoever you need to share it with - and give yourself the gift of guilt free time to regroup, reconnect and ground yourself.  You'll be glad you did!


Next Sunday I am hosting a Vision Board Workshop where you will get an opportunity to get clear on what you want to do with your life and put it into a beautiful poster board where you get to see it daily and allow your brain to start the process of manifesting your goals.  

Who else uses vision boards? Oprah, Ellen and Katy Perry - just to name a few!  This is a great opportunity for you to take some time to clear the way towards a rocking 2018!  Feel free to bring a friend!  Bookings:

Planning Ahead Without the Anxiety

Good morning!

It is that time of the year where we can start to feel the end of the year just about upon us - knowing that like every other month, this one is about to slip past us in no time.  I don't know about you but I can sometimes recognise that little feeling of discomfort knowing that I have a new 12 months to get rolling into just as soon as the Christmas tree gets packed away.

Depending on how you look at it, planning ahead can be either an exciting prospect or a terrifying reality when it comes to facing the year to come.  Whichever way you see it, the fact remains that if you leave things to the last minute, you most likely will consistently feel a level of anxiety from the pressure of cramming a lot into a small amount of time.

Nothing good ever comes from rushing - and when I say good I mean where the end result leaves everyone in tact, well nourished and reasonably relaxed from attending to the task at hand.  Sure, you may just scrape it in and meet the minimal requirements - but was that how you envisaged getting the job done?  We can often impose our 'last minutes' onto others when we haven't successfully planned ahead ourselves and this can contribute to a cascading domino effect of anxiously busy people within and around us.

This is simply not sustainable work or life practice.

An obvious solution to this is to take some time out to put into action a planning day or few hours so that you get to really see the way you would like to have things unfold in your life and even get a head start on building some of the infrastructure and in roads on getting there by the end of the following year.  How good would it feel if you got to the end of 2018 and on reflection, had a year where things mostly flowed well and resulted in a close match to your intended outcome?  I know how I feel when this happens and it makes me want more! Of course, life will still throw some curve balls but when you give yourself some time to embed a clear picture, even a sudden adverse event won't throw your dream off course for too long.

I have recently completed Advanced Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping and have found this is a very powerful tool to use when dispelling doubt that you can achieve your dreams and goals.  When used well, this is a gentle and powerful way to return yourself to peace - and in goal setting a game changer when it comes to shifting blocks to your success.

With this in mind, I am hosting a workshop on 26th November on the Gold Coast where you get to build your plan onto canvass (no artistic expertise required) and design exactly the picture (s) of what your 2018 would look like if it came to life before your very eyes.  The tapping will be used to guide you around your road blocks to success, and the location will inspire you to dream in expansive terms - and we will use this as a tool too.

It promises to be a wonderful day where you get to reserve some time to plan ahead without anxiety - in fact whilst dispelling anxiety - as you set your intention in motion. This is perfect for all ages - and especially great when you, your team or your children are going to be experiencing milestone changes.

Come and join us and get a head start on your 2018!  Families, singles and teams welcome.




How To Become a Vision of Health

Good glorious Saturday to you!

Wow what a week, what a weekly! I’ve had all kinds of interesting things come across my field of thought and vision this week but the most exciting one for me is the knowing that this weekend I am devoting Friday to Sunday in learning a new/old skill to help patients with emotional challenges like cravings, phobias, OCD, anxiety, depression and so much more!

It is a real gift when you stumble across the best fit of education for the betterment of yourself and others AND that the education is delivered by a pioneer in their field - a real game changer - Dr Peta Stapleton. Her teachings on Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping (also known as Psychological Acupuncture) are exciting and life enhancing - and that’s putting it mildly! I resonate so deeply with this work so I will be offering it as a stand alone session to you in the clinic very soon. More on that later...

Becoming a vision of health is a solid statement of affirmation that you not only feel healthier within yourself - other people can see it too!

You would know that we can see by looking at you how your internal body is coping with your lifestyle and it’s many nuances. An iron deficient person can look pale, exhausted and sometimes a little blue on the lips. A hungover person probably looks similar with some shades of green mixed in there.

Nonetheless your presentation can give away how your body is feeling and if vanity is your thing- no amount of makeup and hairspray is going to completely conceal a dull eye, runny nose, worn out and overwhelmed shoulders, the pain of a toxic headache or sleep deprivation.  You actually have to check in with yourself and plan for a different approach to what you’re doing in order to look vibrant, healthy, vital, energetic, youthful and happy. You can’t fake that stuff at all.

Conversely when you are running around in a healthy body- EVERYBODY notices it! You can’t hide that either! How wonderful to have a consistent state of health that people around you notice in a positive way!

So to become a vision of health here are my top tips:

1. Get plenty of good quality sleep and aim for consistency here. If you’re not - make that a new priority for the rest of this year or next. This is at number 1 for a very good reason.

2. Embark on a week eating just plant foods - vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouts, legumes, fermented, raw, steamed and grated.

3. Spend a week treating your skin to daily sand scrubs followed by a quick dip in the sea to wash off. Super glowing benefits there!

4.  Check in on your breathing - is it slow and full or short, shallow and rapid? Your dull hue could be a lack of good circulating oxygen.

5. Avoid alcohol for the 5 days you are doing the plant foods. What’s 5 days in the scheme of things?

6. Plan something to do or somewhere to go that you will really look forward to. Get excited about something!

7. Come along to my Vision Boards for 2018 workshop (see link) and spend a few hours in a beautiful and inspiring setting to build a goal solidifying canvass for a bright and vibrant 2018! I will be incorporating a tapping technique for goals in this along with various small Meditations to get your intentions flowing!


SEE you there!

5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising

Good wet Saturday morning!

In the spirit of Spring despite the current weather I offer you my quick 5 on how to lose some extra baggage without even putting your runners on. Here it goes...

  1.  Reduce your meal portions by 20% - aim to eat from a small bowl, side plate or with a taps approach. Eat slowly and avoid the meal rush - you won’t get to feel hungry by your calorie intake will definitely favour weight loss.
  2. Make sure your daily bowel habits are actually daily at the least. When you skip a day your toxic load increases which slows your metabolism so anything that maintains your colonic output will help. Water soluble fibre and probiotic strains are most beneficial here.
  3. Hydrotherapy can literally shiver the stores calories away whilst having a toxin relieving effect so it is a double whammy! This does mean turning the hot shower to cold for a flash every now and then.
  4. Master the sugar craving, minimise insulin resistance and get your eating into a ketogenci pattern. Foods that burn include capsicum, cocoa, cacao, cinnamon and chilli to name a few! They also help with glucose metabolism.
  5. Get your breathing right - a slower and complete breath in and out will deliver waste which used to be weight! Stress is the enemy of a slow breath so get in and make that breath happen and your stress response will also improve! Win win!

These tips ups are my go to for my patients who can’t get an exercise mojo going but in my opinion - regular movement is the cream on the top!


Enjoy! Pedometer

Rewiring A Hardwired Addiction

Good Morning!

I trust you are gearing up for a lovely weekend - in Australia its a Grand Final weekend.  This commonly means that the 2 day period - where men and women all over our country literally bunker down into a preemptive cataclysmic hollering mess of mostly yellow food and beverages (with some brown and clear variations in both) - is upon us.

Its not easy to swing against the tide on these and similar spectator sporting weekends but if we don't swing away between them, these weekends can merge into months, years, solid habits, rituals and harshly protected sacred projects.  These become the fabric of our lifestyles, which sometimes become tricky to break from the older we get.

Unbeknownst to many of us, the habits we form also change the way our brains wire itself to adapt to the external and internal environment it is being exposed to.  If our habits are destructive, so to will the outcome in the brain structure and function.  Most of your sudden mood swings and fluctuations in appetite, sleep, thirst and concentration will be governed by the chemistry in our brains, stemming from your lifestyle choices and habits.  Of most important to note is dopamine - a neurotransmitter that speaks to your reward centre, that keeps you calm, out of anxiety's clutches and feeling good about life.

A lifetime of regular and frequent alcohol, recreational drug and unnatural food chemistry exposure can create a life defining change in the shape and density of your brain which will affect you in ways you aren't knowingly aware of.  Most of us will admit to having a vice, or even NEEDING one.  Whilst that is partially true, our reward centre does seek a chemical hit of something to trigger the good feels - we often confuse ourselves to think we need alcohol or need some sugar to feel better about ourselves, but a little exercise, a visit to the seaside, massage or aromatherapy oils will effect the same changes.

Fortunately - your brain is neuroplastic - meaning it can change it's shape and dimensions in response to positive changes as well as negative ones.  The first task at hand is to take an inventory of your day to day, hour to hour habits, own that they exist and then move towards replacing those with better, health supporting habits. If you struggle to do this, get support - its not initially easy to do this health shift, but it does get easier!

Whilst this sounds like a simplistic truth, the truth is - it takes a simple decision to change to get the ball rolling.  The chemistry will fight against you for a little while (which is remedied over time by a blend of carefully prescribed nutrients and herbal medicine to shift gears smoothly) - that is normal and expected.

Remember - what once was a fresh and optimistic healthy brain can once again experience the greatness of being habit free or a better managed one.

For more information on how you can effect better habit changes in your lifestyle, support your transitions away from lifestyle choices or simply feel better flow of your moods, contact us by reply to this blog for a tailored program suited to you.