Cleaning Up Teen Skin

Definitely one of the most self esteem limiting experiences for any teen is the eruption of acne at the onset and duration of puberty.  As if hormonal changes aren 't hard enough, your darlings have the added 'bonus' of not only feeling awkward and unattractive but potentially having a skin condition that appears the same.  The good news is that it can be controlled and very much reduced, managed well, and is temporary.  The bad news is that most of the foods and behaviours seem to be synonymous with teen living.  If you are, have or know a teen who is fed up with having acne and feeling self conscious of the health of their skin I have some great tips for you to pass on.

Here is the basic rule of teen skin - hormones + sugar + bacteria = acne eruptions.  It is often as simple as that.  As the pores of your skin are producing more sebum or oil in response to hormonal changes and sugar ingestion, when bacteria enters the picture - boom!  Eruption city!  So teens, for just a few weeks of these small changes you will notice a remarkable difference in your skin:

1.  If your skin is particularly inflamed to start with (red, rashy, pimply and lots of scarring), work with a qualified beauty therapist to start the clean up process on the surface of the skin (I recommend Maxwell's Skin and Body Clinic in Main Beach - Julie is down to earth, super experienced in recovering troubled skin and uses natural products that are safe and easy to use).

2. Make a list of all the sugar added foods and drinks you ate last week, and next to that column, write down a list of alternatives you can swap with - then swap them! If you need help with this, contact me for the list I have done - it contains great tasty suggestions which all have a skin health benefit.

3.  Immediately take all soft drinks out and bring back water, lemon in water, soda water is fine and fresh vegetable juices.

4.  Gentle exfoliation once a week and good moisturising for both boys and girls is an important step in skin cleansing - aim to use products that do not contain a lot of alcohol as the drying effects upset the oil balance creating more spots.

5.  Get regular exercise and shower daily - if you are brave try finishing off your shower with a splash of cold water to stimulate circulation to the skin - this helps to flush away toxins and bring healing nutrients to the skin.  Ocean swimming is ideal for this.

6.  Make sure you are having a daily bowel movement if not two - if they are not comfortable this may be a clue into the level of toxicity circulating through the blood system and to the skin creating more infection.  I have some great remedies to reduce this toxicity and seal up the gaps that leak out toxins to the skin.

7.  Avoid fried foods and foods that have been baked - donuts, hot chips, battered products, muffins, cakes, pies, sausage rolls and most fast foods are laced the inflammatory fats and sugars that acne just loves to also feed on.  The kinds of fats your body will use to help acne are avocado, nut butters (not peanut), coconut, fish, fish oil supplements and wheatgerm or flaxseed oil.

8.  Use probiotic formulas to help balance the good bacteria in the digestive system which will influence the balance of bad bacteria affecting your skin.  Super Kids Food in a smoothie or yoghurt once a day will do the trick!

9.  Try herbal medicine to balance the hormones - some formulas are specific for boys and others for girls - combined with a good liver tonic these can be very effective in managing the hormonal stimulus for acne production.

10.  Maintain a positive outlook on life, utilise the best attributes and elements of the look you have been given (or style yourself differently to make yourself feel better), have loads of happy things posted in your room, get regular sun exposure and turn your self talk to encouraging and uplifting words.


Remember - your skin is simply a reflection on what is going on inside and just under - from food to thoughts - keep it clean and not mean...

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