Corporate Wellness Programming

Ready for Keynote FunKeynote Presenting (2)Do you have team members who are performing at lower productivity levels than expected?

We provide measured and sound Corporate Wellness Programs that support the growing needs of a progressive business or company that would like to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Enhance their profile as an employer of choice
  • Retain loyal employees
  • Reduce training costs and costs created by frequent staff turnover

Our Corporate Wellness Programs offer a wide variety of services to support your company goals and vision – no matter how small or large your group is.  We can tailor our programs to suit your budget whilst meeting your needs and ensure that you receive regular feedback in the form of quarterly reports that provide the evidence on how our programs have impacted on your employee productivity.

Would A Measured Assessment on The Health Of Your Business and Focused Solutions Be Helpful?

We perform a stringent needs analysis (Wellness Audit) through survey and observation – quantifying current productivity costs of the company’s current wellness.

We facilitate workshops to implement the programs as recommended from the Wellness Audit performed.

We create internal information portals that employees can access at any time to book in for sessions, classes, workshops or reviews, to read articles of interest provided by us and any other updates to their company’s Wellness Program.

We provide quarterly reviews on the financial and ‘human’ impact of the program to the executive team.

We conduct health checks including fitness checks, diet and supplement assessments, blood pressure and pulse checks, cholesterol and triglyceride tests, personal vitality assessments, live blood analysis, body composition analysis (reads level of hydration, fat composition, lean muscle mass amongst many other elements), mood balance assessments.

We offer the following as keynote seminars - choose from 1hr, 1/2 day or full day workshops:

  • The Pursuit of Endless Energy
  • Healthy Happy and Vital
  • Burn Out Prevention
  • Flick The Habit , Changing addictive behaviours - This 6 week program is broken down into the following components:
  1. Anatomy of a Smoker
  2. Pros and Cons, Trigger Identification, Commitment Gauge
  3. Food, weight and feeling great, Preparing the Home, Preparing the People
  4. Competing Behaviours, Fears/Phobias/Fun, Carrots/Holidays/Fast Cars
  5. Rituals for Success, Cementing your Commitment, Countdown to a New Life
  6. Flick Day

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