Could a Mushroom Save Your Life?

Good Morning!  If your week has been like mine, it will have been filled with all the factors that over time could potentially result in a chronic health condition...even a life threatening one.  What with the worry, driving long distances, inadequate nutrient intake and sleep/rest, perception of pressure, memories of lost loved ones and their journey - sometimes a quick unhealthy relief is a really attractive solution.

We have weeks like those don't we?  Some have years like those.  Over time, having genetics in the mix, it is no wonder we end up with cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  It may come as no surprise that cancer could even be on the horizon - certainly I know (of those I speak to in my movements) that some really feel that it is inevitable.  Current statistics support that feeling.  At the least - a bacterial or viral infection could creep in and disrupt the peace.  Whatever the disease looks like, a period of down tools on your mood and vitality is inevitable from time to time.  This can leave your immune system vulnerable to unfriendly fire.

How amazing would it be to know that a solution could be in a mushroom?

Not just any mushroom, but one that the Japanese government has officially recognized it as a treatment for cancer.  Introducing the Reishi mushroom.

Medicinal mushrooms have powerful immune actions and are very well researched.  There a number of mushrooms that exert this effect, however the Reishi mushroom exerts a wide variety of amazing actions in the body.

Here is where a humble fungi, can really turn you into a fun guy to be around again:

1.  Defends the body against threats to its equilibrium (stress, virus and bacterial attacks, immune changes, anxiety)

2.  Contains the polysaccharide beta 1, 3-D glucan which is a potent stimulator of T cells - sequestered by your body to fight infections, cancer cell changes and virus/bacterial invasion. T - Cells (Th1/Th2/Th17) are the fine balance between an auto immune condition or an allergic reaction actually taking hold and bringing about symptoms.  It is the T cells that your body uses to smother a cancer cell should it appear.

3.  Contains canthaxanthin - a substance that slows the growth of tumours.  Along with T cell activity - this is a powerful start to prevention and treatment.

4.   Heart saving substances like sterols, ganoderic acids, coumarin, mannitol and polysaccharides are rich in the Reishi mushroom.  Some research even shows ganoderic acids can lower triglyceride levels, assist with cholesterol removal from the blood, reduce platelet stickiness, correct arrhythmias and lower blood pressure.

5.  Rich in lanostans that are found to act as a natural antihistamine in allergic reactions.

6.  Known as the medicine of kings, is even touted to alleviate anxiety and improve mood irregularities.

Now I know it is common to hear a cure all claim from a commercial product, but this my friend is a health conscious practitioner's/patient's dream.  I have been using medicinal mushrooms across many of these conditions listed above, and the results are truly grounding.

Remember - nature provides with some simple solutions to many ailments in small but potent doses...something conventional medicine rarely offers without side effects.







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