Could an Old Virus be Haunting you Again?

A big hello to you all and welcome on board all my new patients and clients from New Beginnings Networking Breakfast.  I trust you all will enjoy a restful weekend, hopefully you aren't spending it fending off a viral infection, but if you are - relax - help is just a few lines below.

Patients who visit my clinic looking for fatigue solutions always fall under my 'post viral' microscope for a number of reasons.  Often there is a common thread of a history of Glandular Fever, Herpes Virus, Lyme Disease (Tick Virus), Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) or Cytomegalovirus (CMV).  Even if the original infection was years ago - fatigue is often a feature of post viral syndrome.  Another is a poor resilience to repeat viral infections such as the common cold and influenza and even low resistance to impactful exercise. In fact, most of the athletes I test, have a post viral history and require a specific form of support.

If you are a domestic, corporate or sporting athlete with a suspected or known history of viral infections, certain measures need to be in place in order to arrest the 'attack' these viral organisms have on your energy production cycle (explained further in clinic) and blood glucose processing.  Often a post viral drop in fatigue and vitality is evident a few months after the initial recovery period has passed.  Its almost like a line has been drawn in the sand on how much energy and reserve you have pre and post infection.  I find the first 6 months after the initial infection (regardless of the age of the patient) is vital in securing a better long term outcome. For those who need to push on, I suggest you follow some of these very specific solutions to start you off, then seek further therapeutic advice to target more finite cellular energy production and anti viral support for the future.

1.  Increase your protein intake, make sure every meal is considered in terms of what source of (clean) protein you are ingesting. Sometimes even chewing can be an effort so a boiled egg is a great solution.

2.  Consider blended juices to secure a good cross between solid and liquid nutrition that is alkalising and easily digested and absorbed.

3.  Do re-think your exercise routine, if you are currently operating at below 70% energy then I encourage you to move your body every second day with rest days in between and opt for low impact activities such as restorative yoga, beach or flat bush trail walking (the ions and oxygen in these locations also help).  If you are a water person, pick the conditions for surfing that require least exertion and paddling, swim a third of the distance or time you usually do or paddle with the same goal.  Remember this is just temporary restriction for better outcomes later.

4.  Use Epsom salt therapy to help with aching and soreness that often accompanies fatigue syndromes.  One kilogram a bath is often recommended.  Add essential oils of black pepper and rosemary for added muscle soothing.

5.  If you are finding it hard to hydrate, start a therapeutic dose of electrolytes - feel free to contact me for recommendations and dosages.

6.  Rest - all virus symptoms improve markedly from rest periods - even massage that is not too deep is very therapeutic.

Remember - you may not be able to push yourself anywhere near as much as you were able to before a viral infection or flare up - but listen to your body - in some way you have been given a gift - perhaps you were going too hard and needed a gentle nudge to nurture yourself?  Just saying...Enjoy!

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