Did You Know That Super Woman Was Not Bullet Proof?

Happy Super Saturday to you!

Yes the news is in, and it's a solemn reminder for us mums in business that of all the super powers Super Woman possessed - being bullet proof was not one of them.  If you are a mum in business or a leader in an organization - you will know what the battle zone of home and work life often feels like.  Its a continual juggle between keeping everyone else happy and sorted and locking down some 'me' time so you can be the best version of yourself possible in all areas of your life.

Super Woman syndrome was first coined by author Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz in 1984 in her book The Super Woman Syndrome and ever since there have been a number of similar phrases to describe the woman who is trying to do everything perfectly every time and to encompass the impact that this may have on her.

There are some cautions that come with embarking on super status - it can wear you down very quickly and in some cases that degeneration over time may spell:

Premature ageing

Cardiovascular risk factors (elevated blood pressure, vessel fragility, cholesterol increases)

Resistant adrenal functions leading to exhaustion

Cortisol fluctuations that affect fat and glucose metabolism (affecting weight management)

Sleep disorders including sleep apnoea and primary/secondary insomnia

Substance dependency

Poor decision making

Poor food choices (habitual eating, emotional eating)

Emotional fluctuations and mood swings (guilt is a big one for Super Women)

Inadequate hydration (may drink lots of water but not enough electrolyte to balance the used minerals from the stress response)

Foggy head/memory impairment

Disconnection from loved ones, withdrawal from friends

Digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, discomfort from gas and bloating

It doesn't take X-Ray vision to see that pushing your mind and body beyond the normal limits will create a krypton like effect on your body.  Knowing your communication and leadership styles, your default constitution health type, energy production and utilization processes and your physical responses to your environment will go a long way in armouring yourself up to handle the combat zone with grace and a lot more ease.  After all - who has the time to fall in a heap from all this juggling? I know I don't and there are a lot of strategies I put in place to ensure I don't.

Fortunately for you (and any of your friends or family who may have an interest in learning how to exit the battle zone unscarred - I have joined together with my colleague Rebecca Plant from Lead a Better Business to bring you a one day workshop called - Bullet Proof Business Woman - an opportunity to learn those strategies and so much more.  Below you will find a link to the information page and to book your seats - numbers are capped at 25.  Food is provided so just bring your open mind and a readiness for real change.


Until then, stay strong - just not too strong if you get my drift!