Digestive Comfort For Days

Good morning!

It is the calm before the cyclonic storm as Gita starts to bear down on the Gold Coast. Whilst the ocean and the weather in general appear to be unsettled and unstable, this can be the perfect time to reflect on the status of our digestive systems. Its a topic that few of us discuss openly but most of us are all too aware of the uncomfortable rumblings of a digestive storm going on inside our bodies.

Common Culprits

Of the most common causes of gut symptoms such as bloating, cramping, constipation or irregular toilet habits the one that we are most in control of is the pace at which we eat our food. Due to the requirements of enzymes and acids produced by your stomach pouch, your digestive system needs time to move portions of food from the oesophagus to your stomach and from your stomach to your small intestine (where the magic of nutrient absorption really happens).

Swallowing your food in chunks vs semi fluid portions aided by adequate chewing and not drinking fluids, is the key. We are always in a rush to move from one mouthful to another, to chew the food and the fat with heated discussions and mind boggling thoughts - when all our tummies need is a little time out and a focused attempt on mindful eating.

Other Offenders

Eating slowly is the first thing we can take care of when aiming for digestive comfort that lasts a lifetime, here are some others that you may be caught up practicing and that you may need a break from if you are constantly getting digestive symptoms that feel other than comfortable:

1. Flooding our mouths with fluids whilst or just after we swallow - this can dilute the enzyme output and therefore the chemical breakdown of wholefoods into nutrients.
2. Eating a combination of foods that don't work well together - for example starchy carbohydrates and proteins (potato and meat), dried fruits and nuts, melon fruits and fatty foods
3. Starting a meal in a heated manner - if you are angry, sad or otherwise upset - don't eat. It is time to calm down, reset and eat small body friendly foods that are easy to digest.
4. Putting up with constant constipation or diarrhoea, pain or low grade nausea - these are signs you are settling for a less than optimal digestive function which can have far reaching affects on your entire health
5. Serving portions that are too big for your body to digest - reduce your portion sizes by 20%, eat with chopsticks or blindfold yourself and see how much food your body really needs to eat.

Remember - all disease starts in the gut - this is the core tenet of Natural Medicine and modern medical research has finally caught up.
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