Do you have a Healthy Attitude to your Health?

Welcome to the third week of January!  Yes, it is already proving to be a swiftly moving year - the general consensus amongst those I speak with is that it is an exciting year as well, much better than the last for many.  Given that we are identifying with the speed at which our time passes, I thought it pertinent to touch on a sector of your health that sometimes needs aligning - your attitude towards your health.

I would suggest that about 10% of the population put their health in a top priority category.  I would also suggest that this percentage is heavily weighted with athletes and alternative health practitioners mixed with healthy punters like yourself.  Well done!  If you are not in that category, the next is the category however are the ones that concern me and who also contribute to the large percentage of chronic health statistics in our country at some point in their lives.  This is the category of persons who wait till something goes wrong with their health, but up until that time, life as they know it goes on - poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol intake remains the same and the body never gets a rest from this barrage.

A healthy attitude to your health means that you are prepared to take stock of your week and month as they go by - be honest with yourself as to whether or not you have over done it, and pull up before your body asks you to.  Without justifications!

A healthy attitude to your health also means that you are prepared to support your body with the nutrients it needs if you do have to be on regular medication so that you get the best out of your medication and also reduce the potential for longer term deficiencies that lead to other health issues as a result of your lifestyle choices.  If you are going to choose those lifestyle options - at the very least use the appropriate supplementation to reduce the impact (I can guide you on what you'll need)

And a healthy attitude also means that you are willing to put your body through a little hard toil (exercise) weekly in order to feel the exhilaration and release of energy it wants to give you.  A healthy approach to exercise doesn't have an all or nothing approach to moving your body.  It is all about finding out even in the smallest contribution what you can do to keep your body in a state of dynamic movement.  Without justifications!

Simply put - your body needs just a few things in order to keep it healthy and with these things, your internal 'is it right' mechanisms will give you adequate, timely and trustworthy information about its health status for you to act upon. These are:

1.  Regular periods of rest after regular periods of exercise

2.  Daily intake of raw and just cooked plant foods.

3.  Lean meats

4.  Healthy Fats

5.  Fresh and clean water

6.  Regular hygienic cleaning

7.  Daily elimination of toxins

8. No less that 7 hours of sleep

9.  Belly laughs

10.  Sense of purpose

Remember - the simple things in life are most often the best, easiest to implement and most rewarding on a deep level.

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