Do You Have a Problem With Wind?

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Don't be fooled by the title - this particular post has nothing to do with digestive wind, however - if you answered yes to this question (GOTCHA!)  and you want to know more about how to reduce embarassing gas emissions, feel free to reply to this post and we can get started...

This post is more season oriented as in most states of Australia, there have recently been high wind conditions bringing both rain and dust.  It has also bought about a windy wave of nose to chest congestion from an exposure to this wind or from the change in temperature.  Most of the time in the warmer months, the onset of Summer flu occurs at a change of temperature, usually heralded by wind.

In Chinese medicine, the element of air relates to the balance of phlegm or mucus in the body, combined with the element of water.  If you are sensitive to a draught (breeze) or a chill, wind up with a scratchy sore throat and then clear to yellow mucus - a simple homeopathic remedy which matches this presentation, will clear that up quickly and bring about relief swiftly.

If your symptoms are bought about from a chill, but your mucus is thick, bland and tending to be yellow green AND you actually get worse inside a stuffy warm room (improving when you go outside) - an alternative homeopathic remedy would be recommended.  If you find the mucus is tough, stringy and hard to cough up - look 0ut - there is a specific remedy for that too.

As you can see by where I am heading, a quick resolution of the symptoms can occur when the correct remedy is matched to YOUR specific symptoms.  Here are a few other tips I suggest if you are one to fall prey to Summer flu:

1.  Keep some Golden Seal on hand and take a 7 day dose at the onset of the humid weather and again if you start to get a slight scratch in the back of the throat or presentation of mucus from the nose.

2.  Consider a gentle cleanse from coffee, alcohol, sugar rich foods and incorporate some more rest in the October - this will alleviate your production of mucus should your body become sensitive to a chill.

3.  Have a light scarf around your neck or avoid exposing your neck/nose/mouth during a wind directly.

4.  Ginger, lemon, manuka honey and cinnamon drinks either warm (if you improve when inside) or chilled (if you improve when outside) are a great formula for soothing the mucus membranes of your nose and throat.  Garlic, Horseradish and Vitamin C also can offer some prophylactic and treatment relief.

5.  Consider an aromatherapy and saline plus xylitol nasal spray to deliver soothing, hydrating and bacteria/virus/fungal fighting properties to the sinuses. Drain out to the ears if your ears appear to be congested too.

6.  Drink more water than usual and add to one of those drinks a sugar free electrolyte powder - this often helps to balance the water/mucus in your airways.

7.  Pop yourself into an immune boosting program using both immune strains of probiotics as well as potent immune herbs such as Andrographis.  I have a very effective formula I recommend and often you only need to do a preventative round at the beginning of the season.

8.  Address constipation and lymphatic congestion if this is a regular feature of your system.  This will add to the load your body produces when the conditions are right.   Often Summer head colds carry the same bacteria as Summer diarrhoea - so if your family are going down on both ends - time to focus on digestive, respiratory and immune protocols for health care.  There is a great homeopathic remedy for that too!

Remember - the amount of regular exposure to wind, sun, water (swimming) and the internal environment of your body can equal the onset of mucus symptoms - be wind wise to start with and put some prevention in place before the humid season really hits us.

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