Do You Have the Confidence to Be Healthy?

Good morning and good health to you!

It is quite a question isn't it?  Do you have the confidence to be truly healthy?  How many times have you started on a health plan, get a little bit along the way, and then slip back into your old habits - you know - sabotage your true health potential?  What are you afraid will happen? What changes will it mean if you truly commit?  These questions and more are a must to answer if you find yourself sliding back into a vitality draining slump again.  Like the seasons, our human habits swing into polar opposites around the year - with the main aim being to create less of a gap between your 'up' cycle and your 'down' cycle.

If you are unfortunate to experience a chronic health dip - in the form of a debilitating condition - your health confidence goes from believing in your ability to stick to the plan to believing that your body has the ability to get well again.  For those of you who have or are experiencing this you will know what I am talking about.  Even children experience this when after feeling ill on a food that is offered down the track, regardless of whether or not that food caused the illness, it can be a long time until they give it another go. Confidence in your body to be healthy again is almost as valuable as the achievement of health itself.

So, how do you gain confidence again in both your body's ability to heal and your ability to stick to the plan?  Here are my tips on how to stay on track, even when it feels better to go off it:

1.  Start with small changes first and move no further until they have stuck like glue to a solid habit

2.  Log your successes - its easy to remember the sick times, the hard slog and the slide back - us humans need compelling positive evidence so start a success health journal

3.  Get a health coach, someone who can take you from your current state of health, who will take into account your chronological health and step our your plan and stages within that for changes that build onto each transitional phase until your reach your goal

4.  If your child is relearning confidence in their body to not reject (usually certain foods), and providing there is no medical reason to avoid the foods - slowly create other methods that help to incorporate those, or build their confidence in similar foods. For example if the food is a vegetable, try to introduce other vegetables in the same food family - maybe a different colour as in cabbages, capsicum and carrots.

5.  Use affirmations or statements of commitment and planning that bring your success to you in language and in present time.  For example - 'My body enjoys being healthy and repairing itself''. Children really love this activity and embrace it so easily, its us adults that need the

Remember - confidence comes with evidence - keep giving both of these to yourself and don't settle for less!

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