Do You Possess the Gift of Determination?

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It goes without saying that true grit is often the difference between making it and not in this world.  The determination to achieve your desired goals and overcome all obstacles that crop up in your way is often the one thing that gets you over the line with your health as well.

Ask yourself this question - How many times in the past 5 years have I complained about my energy or symptoms, started then stopped a health change plan or were reminded of a valid reason to make different choices with my food intake, alcohol intake, recreational or prescribed drugs, smoking or exercising?

Seeing a plan through to its natural or intended end can for some fall into place like clock work and for others take hard work.  If you are modelled in your youth on how to set a plan in motion and follow it through, you are likely to find this the case as you grow older. However, if you were never modelled this and find it difficult to master, here are some simple tips on sticking to the plan when it comes to your health goals, and can also be applied in all areas of your life.

1.  Get very clear on the outcome you are aiming for.  See it, feel it, hear it and design it.  Write it down and paste pictures all around it, the more visual you make this process, the easier it is to achieve your goal.

2.  Find a way to make yourself accountable until you have reached the end of the goal.  It is advised to think of this as giving yourself no outs unless it is enhancing your desired goal. It is not advised to put this job onto the duty list of anyone else, unless you intend paying them for coaching services.  The stress and anxiety this role can have on your relationships and friendships can potentially create more reasons for your plan to fail, as you fall back into old habits.

3.  Bite off smaller chunks, but know they are connected to the bigger picture.  This is where the visual pictures are handy - you can frequently review them to remind you as to why you started on this journey in the first place.

4.  Use the determination power you have used to date to take you away from your health goals, invert it and use the same power of determination to turn things around in your favour again.

5.  Don't let procrastination creep in and ruin your chances for success.  This can come in the form of someone or something that you have previously connected with in the 'old' health pattern.  Unless they are supporting you, ask for some space or time out until you regain your resilience.

6.  Keep the process simple - if you over complicate the matter, you will have plenty of reasons to drop the ball and go back to square one.

7.  Let momentum be your best ally at this time.  Small progress steps can be built on so don't let yourself slide back too far off track.  I have a 48 hour rule which is my maximum allowance of time where I let my health commitment relax, after that its back to looking after myself.  This way I don't have to go through the beginning again.

Remember - Christmas is the perfect time to implement this strategy in your life.  Get determined to get on track and stay there!  Its the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

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