Do You Retreat Well?

Happy wet, wild and windy Saturday!

It is a typical sticky Australian Summer weekend - bright and sunny one day and fiercely storming the next - and this is the perfect representation of any day of our lives.

Its just the beginning of what is said to be a year of intense emotional fluctuations and truth revelations on our planet more so than previous according to certain astrological lineups so our star gazing friends will tell us.

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to these notions- we all experience emotional ups and downs, we all need to safely and freely express ourselves and we all have a need to enjoy our own quiet space so we can 'hear' our thoughts and regain our mental and emotional bearings. Like a vessel on the oceans of life - we often need to check on our direction and reset our navigation in response to the changes in the metaphorical weather of our lives.

So do you allow yourself this time and space to retreat, reset and regain? If you do, is it successful?

I am writing from a sanctuary retreat today and I am surrounded by bird noises and a gently windswept lake teaming with curious turtles. It's a magical space and a perfect opportunity to close my eyes, listen to the fauna conversations, feel the breeze against my face and rest myself in the mind in preparation for my next week.

Today I am fortunate to be here but you don't need to physically retreat in order to reset. image

It is beneficial for your adrenal and nervous systems (and the systems their chemicals affect under flight and fight)  to regularly (daily) shut down shop and gently come back to yourself. In this space the following can happen:

  1. Your breathing will regulate and you will oxygenate your body well whilst removing toxins through the breath effectively - weight gaining toxins.
  2. Your heart rate will slow and regain rhythm and your circulatory system will show less inflammatory signs of damage.
  3. Your blood glucose levels will balance and your insulin hormones will be responded to effectively insuring long term health and slower ageing signs.
  4. You will enjoy a clearer head space and a happier disposition

Remember - turtle therapy is incredibly nourishing if it's done mindfully and respectfully for you and those around you.

Happy weekend!