Do You Still Fit into Your Genes?

Happy Saturday to you!  I'm back from a wonderful holiday break and after feeling the wondrous effects of a scheduled break (from 12th Jan to departure), I am reminded of the impact of stress on the human body and progressively, the DNA.  Your genetic imprint could probably also do with a break too - from the inflammatory hormonal soup of stress, the toxic over load of synthetic nutrients', and the depletion of real nutrition offered by modern medicine, daily pressures and environmental pollutants.

How are your genes fitting you at the moment?

Our genetic strength is predetermined well before we even enter the waiting womb of our mothers. In fact our grandmothers and grandfathers (yes it takes both genetic information) have already laid the matrix down for what we are likely to experience in our body when it comes to default health outcomes.  Genetically, RNA and DNA is coding of information that switches on or off certain cascades of responses that bring about mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  It was previously thought that certain genetic expression would be the end game for our health if it were discovered through testing, and in some cases like Haemachromatosis, this could be the case.  However, recent research shows us that although we came in with genes fitting us like a family glove - we have the ability to quieten down that expression by changing the environment that our genes are exposed to daily.

For example, a coeliac patient can be tested (costs about $80) for the HLA DQ-2 and DQ-8 test genes and if positive - is most certainly classed as a true coeliac patient (regardless of the endoscopic results or the gluten challenge test which for most of us would create an inflammatory response).  If that same patient has symptoms and is reacting adversely to gluten rich foods, we would say that this genetic finding is being expressed.  Before expression occurs however there must be a repetitive insult to the immune system creating an inflammatory response.  In short, reduce the inflammation, and you shoosh the expression.  This is the case for most genetic conditions with the exception of major ones like Down Syndrome and Tay Sachs.  In saying that, by managing a genetic flaw in methylation these conditions may be well averted or minimized if detected before pregnancy in both parents.

Us humans are carrying around the story book of life from our ancestors, but we can also rewrite chapters to help us squeeze back into our unexpressed genes without even reaching for a coat hanger and calling our best friend to haul up the zipper.

Remember - there is always something that can be done with y0ur health, no matter how far off track you go along the DNA strand...

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