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Happy rainy and cosy Saturday to you!

In cased you noticed I have missed writing to you the past two weekends I haven't forgotten about you at all. With Anzac Day and a family weekend before, it was two weekends away from the desk. But I am least for now!  I am heading off for a break next Friday so you will hear from me just after I leave - I will line up a piece of inspiration for you so you don't forget I am around to help you through those pesky health challenges.

Figuring I should stay with the theme of mind and forgetting - let's talk memory recall, nutrients and barriers!  Oh, and before I forget it - whilst I am away (8th - 20th May - back on 21st), if you need to restock anything - call Wendy on Monday or Thursday and she can sort that out for you (55939145).

Now, where were we?  Oh yes - memory recall.

Ever had those days where you need to pull up some information you know you should know (like your children's names), but the mind and the mouth think otherwise?  If they are numbered in just days - think yourself lucky - some spend months and even years there - so let's pull apart some of the most common reasons why this could be happening and how to start the investigation into connecting the dots again.

Now, where were we?

Just kidding...

1.  Deficiency of essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.  The brain and nervous system requires a high content of omega 3 fatty acids to assist in nerve message transduction.  Along with lecithin and phosphatidyl serine and choline (found in soy beans, white beans, liver and kidney organ meat, egg yolks, beef, dairy foods, fish), cognition, memory and nerve impulses can travel far more fluidly when these babies are lined up for use!

2.  Dehydration - the other nutrient important for brain functioning is oxygen and hydrogen in the form of water.  Studies in dementia patients have found that improving on dehydration alone can improve their cognitive abilities.

3.  Overwhelm - vitamin OMG I AM NOT COPING is yet to be certified but it is found widely in  a high number of my patients with memory loss.  It is often remedied by the letters R, E, S and T - but I am sure you knew that already.  In the absence of rest, some herbs like passionflower, valerian, hops, lavender and oats could be also helpful.

4.  Poor circulation - getting the blood to the brain is important - I mean really important!  If your neck is tight, your nerves are starved of magnesium and your blood is thick with toxic sludge - how does it get the nutrients from the food you eat to where it needs to go?  Some other herbs that can help here are gotu kola, brahmi or bacopa and gingko biloba - but these are best prescribed by a qualified practitioner because they can interact with other medications and nutrients. Once clear to go however - it is all systems go!

5.  Hormonal supply - excessive oestrogen/poor clearance, insufficient progesterone, lowered dopamine and serotonin, funky cortisol fluctuations - these can all impact how well your brain can fire.  By way of secondary influence on other mood chemistry, sugar metabolism and insulin production or inflammation - which brings me to the next point...

6.  Leaky gut to leaky brain syndrome - causing all kinds of toxic influx, bacterial and yeast infections and a whole host of dilemma - tight gap junctions in the gut membrane that are no longer tight can create a situation where inflammatory mediators flood the nervous tissue and influence a cascade of chemical confusion that ends often in actual confusion.  Nutrients like glutamine, probiotics, Epicor and selective bacterial foods/herbs.

7.  Heavy metal toxicity - transport molecules have the ability to deliver metals like aluminum, iron and manganese for example into the brain, and often it is a one way street unless they are dragged back out again by something strong enough to break the bond.  Foods like garlic, onions, coriander, kelp, chlorella and slow cooked beans (as in white or soy beans for example) can be helpful here.

Remember - wait, what?

Remember - oh yes where were we?

Remember - ok, third time's a charm - if you can't remember to drink regular glasses of water through the day - check the family history for Alzheimers...seriously!

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