What Is The Easter Bunny Bringing You?

Good morning and welcome to the last weekend in March, inching closer to another annual milestone - Easter.

We have those blocks of holidays and breaks that herald adventure, celebration and a variety of changes in food and alcohol intake, that also potentially set us up for a constant year in, year out cycle of poor eating habits.

The Easter time is particularly fraught with danger as it is the first celebration after Christmas and New Year that we mark in the calendar of things to do for fun, in the name of letting the hair down. Come the March/April time of year, we have endured the first quarter of the year, and its about now the that the new year shine is well and truly worn off, making way for our stress management defaults to take over.


The regular pattern you employ on your usual week of work, that helps you cope with the events of your life, will set you up for either a great deal of stamina and endurance (physical, mental and emotional) for the year, or rob you of it.

If you employ any of the following stress management defaults and are less than satisfied with your level of calm and vitality, it may be time to set a new default:

Drinking coffee in search for energy - coffee will not supply true energy, in fact it can often rob you of solid grounded energy used to make great decisions

Consuming alcohol for the purposes of relaxation and relieving tension from the working week - there are many other more healthy ways to achieve this. I recommend you limit your intake if you are particularly stressed and instead, bring in more exercise to combat tension

Sitting in front of a screen and dumbing down when you haven't incorporated any exercise that day at all - sitting is inflammatory - so is depression and anxiety so it is not surprise to see that exercise can relieve the two conditions

Tolerating poor sleep patterns and low energy as your new 'normal' - neither of these phenomenon are acceptable healthy practices to adapt to - maybe its time to do put into place a 'Better Sleep/More Energy' program for a few weeks to help hit the reset button!


We have an opportunity to moderate or blow out at this time of the year - so this year what is the Easter Bunny bringing you?

For those of us who don't have a handle on our sugar cravings, this is a tricky time of the year - where sugar intake is particularly high. As we age, our bodies don't get any more efficient at processing insulin in response to glucose as it enters the blood stream after ingestion. Couple that with unchecked alcohol consumption and there is a recipe for ongoing inflammatory disease process, energy swings and cranky pants.

When you don't give yourself the gift of alcohol free days and regular exercise at this time of the year, by the time it takes to get back to work, your body is already spent. In stark contrast to the rest and rejuvenation on offer with a long weekend, public holiday, Easter getaway - this can often leave us heading into the next quarter of the year (where the financial year concludes and the end of year rush that requires you to be on your game takes its toll) in a state of foggy grumpiness.

Who wants any of that? I certainly don't.


Here are my top Easter Survival Tips for 2018:

1. Make sure you factor some lazy rest days in that are not only due to recovery from the night before - a morning walk, healthy breakfast followed by a lay down or book reading session is a great way to reset the adrenal glands from the stress response - especially if your legs are elevated!

2. Moderate your alcohol intake and drink water between each beverage - I often suggest using the herbal formulas for liver support along with a good probiotic to help keep things from detoxifying poorly.

3. Keep active and do something recreational - Easter is a great time of year to bush walk, paddle something, cycle or play beach and park ball games. This incidental exercise is fantastic way to regenerate your youthfulness

4. Factor in some meditation - especially if you are in an outdoor setting near the beach or bush. This break could be a great opportunity to kick off a great meditation habit by committing to sitting in stillness for 30 minutes each day.

Remember - this time of the year is a gateway to how you will coast through the rest of the year - whilst it is a wonderful time to party and play, you could also choose it to be a mini retreat opportunity too. Happy Easter and stay Safe!