Eating Baby Food Turned My Life Around

Good Scintillating Saturday to you!

Interesting title huh?

These were the words spoken to me by a patient whose digestive health had deteriorated so much she thought that eating baby food would be the only option she had left as all other foods were causing her so much pain and discomfort.

This was a patient who was not sleeping, had no energy, cried at the drop of a hat due to the pain she was in and the fear of 'Is this how my life is now at 47 years of age?'

She was in a terrible state of health from a naturopathic perspective not only because of the symptoms she presented with, but more so due to the lowered vitality she displayed - the air was literally let out of her.

It was the baby food stage however that turned her life around.  The moment she found herself making the decision that eating baby food was her only option was the moment she decided to look elsewhere for health advice.  After months of investigations and routine treatments, we got started.

Within just a few weeks of supporting her digestive system in what it was missing, this usually vibrant lady started to sleep again, began eating an ever increasing variety of adult foods, experienced much less pain and discomfort and is much happier, brighter and lively than she presented on her first day in clinic.  To say her awareness on what she chooses to eat and how she eats it has increased 10 fold.  In fact, her awareness on her entire health has amplified.

Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom to build a better more stable foundation for our health - after all - rock bottom can be a solid platform to start from.  Her diminished health was her solid platform - but now she knows she doesn't need to find rock bottom again in order to be more mindful of how she cares for her body - she has baby food to remind her.

Remember - you don't need to hit rock bottom in order to finally make a concerted effort to look after yourself - so why keep heading there?