Emerging from the Tunnel of Grief

Good morning to you.

If you are sitting this morning and feeling just that little bit flat, sensitive, vulnerable and emotional and not exactly sure why, its very possible you are tapping into some grief right now.  From the devastating news dominating our tabloids of cricket great Phillip Hughes' injury and consequential passing to the personal challenges we all deal with mostly on our own day to day, the grieving process is one of the most important and healthiest paths we find ourselves on for personal development and wellbeing, in my opinion.

Having endured my fair share of losses in various forms, surviving through the grieving process has become the hallmark of my growth, and I encourage it to become yours too.  It will be inevitable that we will experience the absence of someone, a job opportunity, the ability to fully express yourself in relationship, a pet or a beloved and cherished object - even a loss of our choice can in some way create a feeling of grief.  Regardless of the 'thing', the experience is often the same, emotionally debilitating and confusing journey that done fully can bring you to a whole new level of strength and resilience.

When I see patients who are stuck in time from a grief initiated circumstance the picture is often the same:

1.  Brooding and moody disposition

2  Heavy sighs - often described as huffing and puffing around the place

3.  Desire to escape to a private place to literally brood and 'be on my own for a while'(which can turn into years)

4.  Stuck emotion - I call this Energy Not In Motion or ENIMOTION - the enemy of Energy In Motion  or EMOTION - this is also a place where other normal emotions are numbed down - joy, anger, happiness, sadness - nothing is felt in any particular fullness - this is very ENERGY DRAINING

5.  Exhausted and unmotivated to move and nourish daily

6.  Defensive, irritable, hard to connect with and difficult to communicate openly without outbursts of this numbed emotion - usually tears of sadness spill over and are hard to arrest or bubbles of anger pop out

7.  Sensation as if a lump is being swallowed over or a stick is in the throat, or sticky throat symptoms

As you can imagine, the 'tunnel of grief' can be terribly isolating but also a deep personal place to find oneself.  Our responsibility to ourselves is to honour this place, admit this is where we are at and allow the common stages of grief  (explained here http://www.recover-from-grief.com/7-stages-of-grief.html) to be completed - regardless of the time it takes and the reason for the onset to start with.  At times navigating this requires expert help in the form of counselling, adrenal and nervous system herbs and a homeopathic remedy I use consistently to unlock or dissipate this stuckness'' in the physical and emotional body.

Once you emerge, you will often feel a light and optimistic empowered feeling again and a whole new level of energy and vitality that few diets and supplemental regimes can promise in the absence of addressing this process.

REMEMBER - if you feel you are in grief on ANY LEVEL for ANY REASON, rather than playing it down, give it the voice it needs to finish its strangle hold on your life and get back into doing what you are here to do - LIVE, LOVE, CREATE, LAUGH and INSPIRE!

This could the be the very reason your physical health is not moving in the direction you designed it to be going.


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