End of Year Children – The Way Around a Meltdown

Good Weekend - this post is for the little one's in your life, but also the little one in you that is still connected to how it feels to have too much going on in one space and time.  This is what the pointy end of a year looks and feels like - its hectic, pressured, time poor, nutrient draining and fractious (and this is just the tip of the ice berg as I am sure you know).

For our teacher friends - the end of term is always expected to be a time of high demand and low patience but end of term and end of year - its this on steroids.  Interestingly enough - during these times corticosteroid hormones are produced en masse to help us cope - and in a little person's body, the rush of chemicals can almost blow the system.  As parents, we really need to lead by example here and manage our own pressure cooker, put into practice some techniques to take the edge off the stress and show our children how to cope under the constant run of end of year events.

First and foremost - lightening the calendar load is an obvious place to start, or if you can't say no, commit to shorter attendance times for you and your family.  Fatigue going into this time of year is not anyone's friend - so make a note for next year to frame up your health around the end of October in order to slide into Christmas 2016 with more energy and less anxiety around the need to cope.

Secondly - keep an eye on your alcohol and sugar consumption - for kids - keep the sugar and processed/coloured foods low or out - this is all about preserving your nervous systems from toxins found in these foods or as a by product of digestion.  If you aren't digesting well, have stomach pains, irritability in the bowel or feel bloated and weighed down after a meal (or feel sleepy), going into the silly season with an under performing tummy will only leave you all feeling edgy and cranky - children too.  I often find a good dose of probiotics and the homeopathic remedy of Nux Vomica to be extremely helpful.  For nit picking and over taxed everyone - its the bomb!

Finally - put your feet up, close your eyes, put some calming music on, breath in and out through your nose gently (not always deeply) and chill for 5 minutes.   Alternatively - go for a session of dancing, running, swimming, cycling, squatting, lunging, pushups or a brisk walk - take the kids too - 10 minutes is all you really need to shave off the sharp bits of the ice berg.

If you find it difficult to calm down, or your children are hypersensitive and only have a small window of opportunity to handle the pace, there are well researched herbal medicine formulas that support your nervous and adrenal systems which can be very handy this time of the year.  Soothing the nerves before they fray, cooling the chemistry before it gets away and returning the peace in small but measured steps throughout the next few weeks will be a wise man's move!

Remember - this end of year doesn't have to be the same as all the others - step outside of the meltdown mould, chill it down and slide into a cooler and calmer Christmas!