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Just a few more days to go and the 'way off the charts'  day of eating and drinking will be upon you!  The last few weeks as I was winding up the clinic and setting programs for the break for some of my patients saw some creative menu planning so that Christmas lunch was still an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

It is the time of year when families often get together and after the past few weeks in our country, getting your families as close as together even for this one day has a whole new meaning to it.  What if, however, a family member is spending this Christmas in hospital?  What about their sumptuous meal?  You can bet your bottom dollar that the version of Christmas lunch in hospital will be nothing like what is happening back at home. In fact, it is even difficult to class hospital food as food!

At a time when the body needs even MORE nutrition to get well and recover, the plastic green and beige plates rolling out throughout our wards with lifeless and tasteless food on it is enough to start a whole new health problem in an already unwell patient.  Chef Pete Evans (MKR) posted a piece on Facebook today with a doctor who are both very passionate about nutrition in our hospitals.  I urge you ask for nutritious food to be served to your families and friends, as opposed to a dietician's prescribed '5 food group' menu comprising of white bread rolls, sugar rich yoghurts, over cooked sausages, limp greens and MSG full gravy.

Here are some suggestions for food/food packs you could consider taking to your 'inmates' (often hospital food is way worse than prison food I am told'):

1.  Sticks and dips - vegetable sticks of cucumber, celery, carrot and capsicum - even raw broccoli and cauliflower sticks are great. Team that up with an avocado based dip, hummus or eggplant based dip with garlic, lemon and fresh herbs - all having antibacterial properties.

2.  Green, purple or red super food smoothies - spinach, kale or spirulina will give your green, blueberries will give a purple and strawberries/raspberries will give a lovely red.  Appetising and nourishing - ask for some cinnamon or turmeric (anti-inflammatory), a protein powder and if available a probiotic formula.  This is where my Super Kids Food is great - it has a great range of protein rich seeds and vegetables, a red form of spirulina (Dunaliela) and is fermented with probiotics. It can be easily added to a smoothie, blended into a dip or sprinkled over any meal.

3.  Freshly squeezed vegetable juices (for cancer patients restrict fruit intake to one piece and add ginger and turmeric for anti inflammatory and anti nausea effect). Combine a number of vegetables including beetroot, celery, lemon and carrot (small amounts for cancer patients), kale and parsley.  It is a great way to assist with some fast absorption of good nutrients and perfect for a patient who is unable to eat much quantity.  Add a little protein powder or nut meal for sustenance, fat and protein content.

4.  Bone broth based soups and casseroles are a great immune booster and nourishing to eat.  When my daughter was recently operated on, I froze a blended lamb shank meal with some mash potato through it.  Although the colour and consistency was a little unusual, the flavours and tummy calming effect was amazing - we both ate it.  Bone broths can be made ahead of time with chicken, lamb or beef bones. Freeze and add to juices later or make a big vegetable soup or meat and vegetable casserole with lots of herbs!  For extra immune activity - add Shiitake mushrooms - this is a must for cancer patients.

5.  Super Food balls - a fantastic craze at the moment - these are an easy solution to poor appetite, sweet cravings, quick breakfast with a high nutritional hit and are also easy to transport.  You will find a huge number of great recipes out there but try to keep the dried fruit to a minimum and rely on nuts, seeds, cacao, coconut, cinnamon and super food powders as your staples.  A little frozen berry or banana addition can be wonderful, as can a zest of an orange or mandarin.

REMEMBER - if you are able to get some of your nutritious hospital food in place of the bland excuse of a meal your family and friends are ticking off on the daily kitchen sheet - make sure the nursing staff know they have eaten something and describe what it is so it is noted on the chart.  That way, it won't be deemed that they are not eating kitchen food which is often when a tetra pack of calorie /chemical dense fluids are prescribed by a dietician.

*If you would like further guidance on hospital food encouragement - call our clinic on 55939145 so we can set up a phone, face to face, face to bed or Skype consultation.  This will be scheduled after 8th January 2015.

Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year with your loved ones!








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