Fixing Eructation Dysfunction

Good Morning!  Welcome to Saturday and I trust you were mostly spared during the past week's storm cells.  Storms are interesting phenomena - full of wind, power and explosive water.  I know some humans with a seemingly amazing talent to put all three together in a room clearing belch!   And there is the segway to this piece...

Eructations, belching or burping is a pasttime of most Australian males and some females.  It is the release of trapped air (a mix of nitrogen and oxygen) through the stomach and oesophagus into the mouth and out - usually with some form of melodic sound that pleases the one releasing it, and either delights their friends - or turns onlookers around in distasteful disgust.   Either way, it is in an indication something south of the mouth is not happy...

If you find this is a feature of your day regularly, then it is possible you are:

1.  Producing too much of some acids and not enough of others (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach - this leads to poor digestive power and reactivity at the stomach level.

2.  Consuming your food and beverages way to quickly for the chemistry of the stomach to catch up and break it down adequately.

3.  Suffering a lack of tone in the pyloric sphincter (the flap between the stomach and oesophagus.

4.  Drinking to much carbonated beverages

5.  Putting too much food in to the mouth in the one sitting, swallowing air as you eat

6.  Eating foods that readily ferment a little further down in the small intestine

7.  Suffering a suspected gall bladder problem, helicobacter pylori infection, hiatus hernia or gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)

I recommend investigating the presence of these symptoms early to ensure you do not develop over time a more sinister digestive problem.  Some simple solutions can be put into place to create a more comfortable and powerful digestive outcome for you (and your inner circle of friends and family).  A simple teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and water sipped through a meal can be helpful - but cautions on this if you have or suspect you have a stomach ulcer.  Other protocols are recommended here as a pre-powerup step.

Remember - it may sound awesome, feel great and relieve your discomfort, but there are only a few countries on the globe that socially accept this practice and few animals who will die if they don't burp like a sailor...

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