Are You Flu Bound This Winter?

Good Wet and Cool Saturday!

This blog comes to you as the rains fall on the Gold Coast and the familiar sound of sniffling noses, chesty coughs and aching bodies ring through my ears after a week of flu management with a higher than usual number of patients for this time of year.

The season is upon us and like each year, I watch and wait for the pattern of presentation that comes with this ailment. Some coughs are different than others - some are wet, some are dry, some change from one end of the day to the other and some are productive and some are not. Its this time of the year that my homeopathic dispensary gets a real workout due to the flexibility of applying a remedy that best fits this changeability of symptom presentation. Flu symptoms all change from person to person and season to season in their intricacies but generally - the usual gamut appear. Time at work is lost, stress levels elevate from that and if you are in a multiple person household, it is common for the virus to make tracks from one to the other.

So how do we prevent the virus from invading and if it gets a hold, how can we alleviate the duration and severity of symptoms? Many would suggest to get a flu vaccination and all is covered, however that is not the case for the wide population - if your immune system is lax, it is likely the vax won't help much at all.

A number of factors must come together for you to contract a flu virus - these are:

1. Exposure via droplet infection through sneezing or coughing, saliva transferance from kissing or sharing items like cups and toothbrushes (who does that anyway!).
2. Lowered immune response from stress, repeated infections, low microbiome strength, poor nutritional status, high toxicity levels and dehydration.
3. Compromised immune systems such as in cancer and chemotherapy treatments, intensive care patients, new born babies and chronically ill people - such as in the elderly.

Some of the best ways to prevent the flu from catching you include:
1. Keep active and exercise regularly to keep your lymphatic system from getting congested and sluggish.
2. Eat a wide variety vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C - capsicum, citrus, custard apples, potatoes, broccoli, kakadu plum, berries and parsely
3. Support your microbiome with an immune focused probiotic strain and foods that feed the good bacteria like - garlic, onion, legumes, berries, wholegrain cereals
4. Find your happiness centre - despite stressful times - try to rise above the downward spiral of emotion the cooler months can bring due to lowered Vitamin D promoting UVB rays in the sun's light. This can contribute to shifts in your mood, and your hormones that hold up your immune system can drop accordingly.
5. Stay well hydrated all the day - hot water, cool water, low or zero caffeination and clear broths and soups are ideal.
6. Consider a herbal preventative - I can create a great tonic for you and the family to sip on throughout winter that will bring a great deal of immune support to your body.

Flu prevention homeopathic kits are also available in the clinic so get started now and stay well protected!