Following the Laws Of Healing – Last On, First Off

Welcome to a glorious Saturday.

Today I wanted to focus on the path your body takes when it is undergoing a process of healing itself. The entire Naturopathic and Homeopathic philosophy is hinged on this understanding that your body has the innate intelligence to heal itself when given the right environment to do so and without suppression.  Many times over I see this in clinic and in conversations.  For example - when a patient starts a detoxification program, they often report that an old illness or symptom returns but not in the original way, but in a less intense and faster onset and offset than originally experienced.

It is said that the longer that onset and offset takes in response to a healing process being undertaken, the deeper the illness was set in the body.  The depth of an illness is not just physical depth either, the emotional and spiritual wellbeing is also considered here.  Often you will experience an upsurge of old thoughts, feelings and newer clarity of ideas when you under go a cleansing process.  But how and when is it safe to take your body there to 'throw off disease'?  That all comes down to  understanding the pathway you have followed to date, so gathering chronological information about you is so incredibly vital. If you go to my Consultations Page and find the Guidelines to Writing your History - you will be able to follow the prompters if that interests you.  Once done, you can send it over to me by email and we can get together to unravel the pathway to healing for you!

The laws of healing inspired by Constantine Hering - are known as Hering's Law - and it is a principle I follow quite closely in clinic to ensure we are on the right direction on the pathway to your improvement.  Underpinning this law is the level of vitality and happiness you experience as you are going through this.  All too often we mistake a symptom as being 'sick' because we are experiencing the 'throwing off' process your body naturally wants to do when it is healthy and detects an imbalance to the balance.  All to often this is 'treated' with suppressive medications and lifestyle practices that drive the imbalance further in, making the next throwing off more symptomatic and more frequent. The aim is to reverse this process, so that you are immediately responding to the imbalance and resetting your vitality faster.

Hering's Law of Cures states that disease follows a healing path in these directions:

  • From above downwards
  • In reverse order of onset
  • From more important organs to less important organs
  • From inside the body to outside the body

It is a great way to gauge your progress and to also determine if you are on the right track so to speak.  Thankfully, children work much faster through this path, but we are seeing more and more chronic conditions hitting our little ones making this slower as time goes on, it is vital we feed them well and manage toxin (including emotional toxins)  infiltration that alters their healing responses.

Remember - trust that your body knows what to do if you give it the chance to do what it is designed to orchestrate - sometimes you have to get out of your own way to allow this to unravel.

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